Database migration service now available for Cloud SQL and more

Database migration service now available for Cloud SQL and more

The new Database Migration Service lets you perform a homogeneous migration to managed cloud databases like Cloud SQL for MySQL. Today, we’re launching the new serverless Database Migration Service (DMS) as part of our vision at Google Cloud for how to meet those modern needs in a way that’s easier, faster, more predictable, and more reliable.

Getting started with Database Migration Service

You can start setting up a migration to Cloud SQL for MySQL with DMS today. Head over to the Database Migration area of your Google Cloud console, under Databases, and click Create Migration Job. There you can:

  1. Initiate migration creation, and see what actions you need to take to set up your source for successful migration.
  2. Define your source, whose connectivity information is saved as a connection profile you can re-use for other migrations. 
  3. Create your destination—a Cloud SQL instance, right-sized to fit your source data and optimize your costs.
  4. Define the connectivity method, with both private and public connectivity methods supported to suit your business needs.
  5. Test your migration job to ensure it will be successful when you’re ready to go.

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