Moving Mission-Critical Mainframe Workloads to The Cloud

Moving Mission-Critical Mainframe Workloads to The Cloud

Of course, we all laugh at that view and know that mainframes were doing cloud computing before there was such a thing as cloud computing. Migrating and managing critical workloads in the cloud can be daunting, even with modern platforms and optimization.

I know that there are some sites where the cost and the virus have pretty much stopped any kind of development. Also, too many execs view the mainframe as amazingly expensive and they are reluctant to agree to give any more money towards it. Plus, their mindsets still see the mainframe as an isolated island of technology that has little to do with the modern world of computing. Of course, we all laugh at that view and know that mainframes were doing cloud computing before there was such a thing as cloud computing. And we know that open source tools are now available to make the mainframe as easy to use as any other platform for people trained on other platforms.

So, if your site were talking about integrating z/OS into a hybrid multi-cloud architecture and wanted to use only market-leading development and management solutions, what would you be thinking about? In a recent presentation to the Virtual IMS user group (, Haley Fung, IBM Offering Manager for IMS talked about IBM Wazi for Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces, saying that it reduced the need for specialized skills and improved productivity with cloud native tools. It reduced costs with an enterprise-wide standard toolchain. And that it increased speed and agility with a containerized development and test environment.

So, if you want your mainframe to play a part in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment, one where time is of the essence when it comes to updating processes and tooling to address new business needs, then you are probably hoping for some way to achieve cross-platform consistency in tooling for your application programmers. And that’s what IBM Wazi for Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces can offer.


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