Learn Solidity: Introduction

Learn Solidity: Introduction

Learn Solidity: Introduction. Get started writing smart contracts on Ethereum today

Solidity is one of the most popular languages used for developing Ethereum smart contracts, so as someone who wants to be a blockchain developer, I decided to learn how to develop smart contracts using Solidity.

But since I couldn’t find a tutorial with the quality I wanted (one that makes it easy for a beginner to learn the basics in a concise way), I decided to create this series that I hope will introduce you to Solidity programming very quickly and effectively. Enjoy!

Set Up Development Environment

The IDE we will use is Remix. All you need to do is to type this URL. Once that’s done, you should see a screen that looks like this:

On the left side, I have selected the two main components. The first icon is the file explorer where you can see all your Solidity files, and the second icon is the plug-in manager from which you can add new plug-ins. We will need to add two plug-ins, so click on the plug-in manager icon and type “Solidity compiler.” Then activate it by clicking on “Activate” and do the same thing to add the “Deploy and run transactions” plug-in.

The “Solidity compiler” tab will allow you to configure the compiler parameters and compile your smart contracts, while the “Deploy and run transactions” tab will allow you to deploy your smart contracts in the blockchain and interact with them. The list of icons should now look like this

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