Eve  Klocko

Eve Klocko


WPF Binding examples

I have found very nice WPF XAML Data Binding Cheat Sheet, so I’ll just leave it here for further use.

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WPF Binding examples
Eve  Klocko

Eve Klocko


WPF Binding examples

I have found very nice WPF XAML Data Binding Cheat Sheet, so I’ll just leave it here for further use.

#xaml #c# #wpf #binding #14

Sadie  Ratke

Sadie Ratke


[WPF] Binding ItemsSource to Enum

Suppose you need to bind ItemsSource dependency property to enum’s values. For example in ComboBox.

You have following enum:

public enum ExampleEnum

Now you can use ObjectDataProvider

<Window x:Class="ExampleApplication.Window"
 Title="Bind to Enum" Height="250" Width="250">
     <ObjectDataProvider x:Key="enumValues"
       MethodName="GetValues" ObjectType="{x:Type System:Enum}">
               <x:Type TypeName="local:ExampleEnum"/>

and now in ItemsSource propety use following binding syntax:

<ComboBox ItemsSource="{Binding Source={StaticResource enumValues}}" />

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Eve  Klocko

Eve Klocko


[WPF] ContextMenu Commnad binding issue fixed

If there is no focused element in the window’s main focus scope, the CanExecute routing will stop at the ContextMenu, so it will not reach to the CommandBinding on the Window, one workaround is to bind MenuItem’s CommandTarget to the main window.

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Laravel AJAX CRUD Example Tutorial

Hello Guys,

Today I will show you how to create laravel AJAX CRUD example tutorial. In this tutorial we are implements ajax crud operation in laravel. Also perform insert, update, delete operation using ajax in laravel 6 and also you can use this ajax crud operation in laravel 6, laravel 7. In ajax crud operation we display records in datatable.

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3 Examples Of Design Applications With Great UX

When it comes to design, it has long been said that simplicity is key. And although I always understood the basis for this saying, I never fully appreciated what it really meant.

As a beginner it is natural to want to show all your ability by wowing your audience. And as a teacher I see my students making this mistake often. They try to build out features as much as possible and try to showcase every aspect of their ability. As many of you know, this approach does not always result in the most aesthetically pleasing design, let alone the most user friendly experience. This is why I have stressed the importance of simplicity to all my students from the first day I started teaching.

For our latest project, I assigned teams of 4 to each create a prototype for a design application.

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