The second city of the US state of Florida paid the organizers of the attack of the extortionist virus a ransom in bitcoins worth more than $ 500,000.

The second city of the US state of Florida paid the organizers of the attack of the extortionist virus a ransom in bitcoins worth more than $ 500,000.

The authorities of the city of Lake City agreed to the conditions of the hackers after their computer systems were disabled within two weeks. Despite the fact that IT professionals turned off computers a few minutes after the start of the attack, these actions were not enough, and the computers were infected. READ MORE

As a result of hacking, city administration officials lost access to email accounts, and citizens lost the opportunity to pay utility bills via the Internet.

For unlocking the system, attackers requested 42 BTC (about $ 500,000). According to city officials, the ransom payment was the only way to restore access to computer systems.

“I never thought that this could happen, especially in a small town like ours,” said city mayor Stephen Witt.

According to the mayor, the amount of the ransom will be covered by the insurance company, however, $ 10,000 will be borne by the taxpayers.

Note, Lake City has become Florida's second city to have been affected by a hacker attack in the past few weeks. More recently, the authorities of the city of Riviera Beach paid a $ 600,000 ransom in bitcoins to cyber criminals after attackers seized the city’s computer system using an extortionist attack. This time the hackers infected the email and emergency response systems.

According to a recent report by analyst firm Cove ware, in the first quarter of 2019, the number of ransoms sent to the organizers of ransomware attacks increased almost 90 percent compared to the previous quarter. In fact, the average daily ransom for hackers increased from $ 6,733 in the fourth quarter of 2018 to $ 12,762 in the first quarter of this year.

However, not everyone agrees to pay. Earlier this month, computer systems of the American city of Baltimore suffered from an attack of ransomware viruses. The mayor refused to pay the ransom, the amount of which was about $ 76,000 in bitcoins, however, judging by preliminary estimates, the cost of the attack (about $ 18 million) will fall on the shoulders of taxpayers.


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