Zombie Nouns, Abstracts, and Weak Verbs and How I Survived Them

Zombie Nouns, Abstracts, and Weak Verbs and How I Survived Them

Zombie Nouns, Abstracts, and Weak Verbs and How I Survived Them

It was a simple enough dream: I wanted to be a writer.

What was there to it? I take my thoughts and put them down on a page.

I laugh now at my naivete.

When I was eight, my granny would come to visit once or twice a year. She was in her seventies, and it wasn’t easy for her to get around. It was a joy to have her visit. I pleaded with her to sing me my favorite song, and she always did: Froggy Went a Courtin’_. _I loved it. I felt everything right in the world flow through me when she sang it. Back then, I wondered why Froggy carried a sword and a pistol by his side?

When I started writing, I learned why. Froggy carried weapons to fight monsters. Am I dramatic? I can’t divulge everything in one sitting, but I can tell you of a few demons I encounter regularly. I fight with them every day. They are insidious, so I had to be vigilant.

It Started with the Zombies

It was only a month ago when I discovered my first Zombie Noun. I had seen them everywhere; I didn’t know what they were. I was frightened, but I wasn’t completely helpless. I took a sample of my writing into a tool that could detect zombies. I plugged in words and watched in horror as the zombie meter pegged to the right.

English grammar was never my strength. So, I’ve dedicated time to learning. I’d learned about different nouns but not Zombie Nouns. I researched what I could do when the tool showed them to me.

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