Improve your coding style using Module Pattern

Improve your coding style using Module Pattern

Constructor Pattern; Module Pattern; Revealing Module Pattern; Singleton Pattern ... working with, design patterns can be applied to improve the structure of our code. ... Behavioral patterns focus on improving or streamlining the communication ... as defined in the ECMAScript 5 standard, requires the use of Object.create ...

Design Patterns

Design patterns are generally used to solve commonly faced problems in software development. One might wonder why we even need design patterns? There are a million ways to solve a problem, but why should we even think about solving a problem when it’s already solved. Design patterns establish standard structural ways of solving a problem that has already been proved to work efficiently.

Types of Design Patterns

Based on the kind of problems that the patterns solve, they are classified into three categories:

Creational pattern

It handles the different mechanisms involved while instantiating a class, that is during the creation of an object.

Structural pattern

It handles the organization of multiple classes and objects when dealing with larger applications, to maintain scalability and efficiency.

Behavioural pattern

It handles the problems involved during communication between any two objects.

Module Pattern

The module pattern is a structural pattern that groups related functions, classes, or singletons into a single entity. It is one of the most commonly used Javascript patterns, that is extremely powerful as it helps in building versatile code.

Module pattern defines how objects are defined and how functions specific to a certain class can be accessed outside their respective scopes. By defining a method as public or private we can control how it is exposed outside the scope and by doing so data hiding and data abstraction are also achieved in this pattern.

Here’s a simple implementation of the Module pattern:

function CarDetails() {
  var name = 'Chiron';
  var manufacturer = 'Bugatti';
  return {
    name: name,
    manufacturer: manufacturer
var newCar = CarDetails();
var carName =; // Chiron
var manufacturer = newCar.manufacturer; // Bugatti

The above code depicts how details of a car are wrapped up inside a function. The attributes associated with a new car like name or manufacturer can be accessed by creating an object for the class because they are all publicly exposed. Here all the attributes associated with a car are wrapped up into a module called CarDetails.

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