10 Pro Tips for Incoming Computer Science Students in 2020

10 Pro Tips for Incoming Computer Science Students in 2020

Curated advice from a college student who’s made all the mistakes before

10 Pro Tips for Incoming Computer Science Students in 2020. As we approach late august, the time is coming for college classes to kick off again. Whether your school is online or in-person, I believe there’s a handful of things you can do to make this year a success.

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Building a simple Applications with Vue 3

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77 Programming Language Q&A (P4)

Check the bottom of the page for links to the other questions and answers I’ve come up with to make you a great Computer Scientist (when it comes to Programming Languages).

Program a Quantum Computer Today

Your options on how to start with working with today’s quantum computers. Quantum computing is one of the most rapidly advancing technologies.

94 Programming Language Q&A

I think it’s time to start moving into some relatively modern questions. An unordered collection of data elements that are indexed by keys.

7 Reasons Why Computer Science Students Should Blog

Although I graduated 6 years ago, I regret not blogging about every single topic I studied in university before.

Free From MIT: Intro to Computer Science and Programming in Python

This free introductory computer science and programming course is available via MIT's Open Courseware platform. It's a great resource for mastering the fundamentals of one of data science's major requirements.