The Easy Way to Understanding the React Context API

The Easy Way to Understanding the React Context API

One problem you face while creating apps with React is managing states. In here, i will show you The Easy Way to Understanding the React Context API.

One problem you face while creating apps with React is managing states. Sometimes you require application-level state so that you can save and access the information you need from any component you want.

There are various libraries available to solve the problem, such as Redux and Flux. But React has its own method of making application level-state, and here’s where the React Context API comes in. It’s built into React, so you do not need to install any external libraries for state management in your app to get things done.

The Context API is the way to start if you want to learn any state management library. Context API is easy and less complex than other state management libraries like Redux. So I’d recommend going for React Context API first before moving on to complex state management libraries.

So let’s see why you need state management:

  • If you do not use proper state management in large applications, you will find yourself passing down the data through props all the time.
  • Passing data as props all the way down the component works, but can be confusing and is sensitive. If you change a single thing dependent on the prop, you need to change almost everything and this becomes a tedious job.
  • Passing data like this is called prop drilling and is never recommended.
  • Here you need some state management which would help you manage the data you need and keep it in an application-level state so that you can access the data from the state without prop drilling.


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