Thomas Coper

Thomas Coper


JavaScript Programming All-in-One Tutorial Series for Beginners

This is everything you need to know to get started as a JavaScript Programming Software developer / Software engineer. We start off with the super basics and work our way to intermediate topics.

1:10 - Intro to JavaScript
5:01 - Our First JavaScript Program
12:56 - Manipulating HTML with JavaScript
19:40 - Basic, Input, Output, Comments
26:27 - Application Architecture
31:26 - Variables and Expressions
38:13 - IIFE, Scope, and Window Object
44:33 - Engines and Runtime Environments
53:36 - Global vs Local Variables
59:21 - Block Scoping
1:04:53 - Primitives and Objects
1:15:36 - Difference Between Primitives and Objects
1:20:02 - Number Data Type
1:25:08 - Arithmetic Operators, Precedence, Associativity
1:29:52 - Increment, Decrement, and Assignment Operators
1:35:36 - parseInt and parseFloat Methods
1:39:11 - Converting Decimal Numbers to Binary, Octal, and Hexadecimal
1:44:18 - Number Instance Methods and Math Object
1:51:19 - String Data Type
1:57:08 - String Methods
2:02:47 - More String Methods
2:09:56 - Functions and Objects
2:17:47 - If, Else, Else If
2:21:28 - Benefit of Control Flow
2:25:21 - Comparison Operators
2:28:08 - Logical Operators
2:32:03 - Switch Statement
2:37:11 - Single Line if Statement
2:40:26 - Ternary Operator
2:45:11 - Intro to Loops
2:51:13 - Creating Loops
2:58:08 - Loop Examples
3:07:11 - Break and Continue
3:13:18 - Nested Loops
3:19:55 - Intro to Arrays
3:26:15 - Intro to Multidimensional Arrays
3:33:07 - Using Arrays
3:39:02 - Iterate Through Array Examples Search an Array
3:46:01 - Average of Array Values
3:50:03 - Fill Array from User Input Indefinite Loop and Sentinel Value
3:54:19 - Array Methods Part 1
4:02:07 - Array Methods Part 2
4:07:13 - Array Methods Part 3
4:15:00 - forEach Method Arrays
4:21:41 - Iterate Multidimensional Array with for and forEach
4:29:00 - Label with Break and Continue
4:37:37 - Dates
4:44:09 - Using Dates and Unix Timestamp in JavaScript
4:53:25 - Date Methods
5:01:19 - Intro to Functions - Functions Part 1
5:09:42 - Passing Arguments by Value - Functions Part 2
5:17:04 - Callback Functions - Functions Part 3
5:25:55 - Function Declarations and Expressions
5:29:06 - Hoisting
5:33:43 - Hoisting in Practice
5:39:56 - Functions as First Class Citizens (Objects)
5:46:44 - Memoization and Algorithms Optimization
5:55:08 - Default Parameters, Rest Parameters, Implicit Parameters
6:03:22 - Introduction to this
6:08:40 - this
6:15:02 - Call and Apply
6:18:02 - bind
6:20:29 - Arrow Function
6:25:05 - Creating Arrow Functions
6:28:56 - this with Arrow Functions
6:32:59 - this with Arrow Methods and Object Literals
6:36:42 - bind with Arrow Functions
6:39:20 - Intro to Debugging
6:43:58 - Event Listener Breakpoints
6:47:18 - Exemptions (Throw, Catch, Finally)
6:54:00 - Object Oriented JavaScript
6:58:09 - Creating a Constructor Function
7:03:26 - Creating a Factory Function
7:06:03 - Creating Prototype Methods for Constructor Functions
7:09:37 - Prototype Inheritance
7:12:08 - Prototypes and Constructors
7:14:20 - Setting an Object Prototype Using Object.setPrototypeOf
7:17:05 - Override in Prototypal Inheritance
7:20:26 - Instance Properties vs Prototype Properties
7:25:51 - Polymorphism
7:29:28 - Polymorphism Example
7:32:59 - Polymorphism Example
7:38:42 - Check an Object for a Property Using in
7:40:35 - hasOwnProperty Method
7:42:16 - How to Get an Array of Property Names from an Object
7:44:28 - Converting Object Literals to Constructors
7:49:09 - Setting Prototypes with Constructors
7:51:22 - instance Operator
7:55:44 - HTML Essentials
8:03:51 - CSS Essentials
8:14:43 - Intro to the DOM
8:16:51 - Working with DOM Children
8:20:43 - getElementsByTagName and getElementsByClassName
8:23:23 - Node Types and Node Names
8:28:31 - Text Node ChildNodes Explained
8:32:36 - Modifying nodeValue
8:35:55 - Practice with Event Listeners
8:41:49 - Working with Attributes in the DOM
8:46:14 - Dynamically Adding Nodes
8:50:32 - Conclusion and What’s Next

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JavaScript Programming All-in-One Tutorial Series for Beginners

Mathad M


Nice Tutorial Thanks a lot

Lowa Alice

Lowa Alice


JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners: Learn JavaScript in 1 Hour

Watch this JavaScript tutorial for beginners to learn JavaScript basics in one hour.
avaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in 2019. A lot of people are learning JavaScript to become front-end and/or back-end developers.

I’ve designed this JavaScript tutorial for beginners to learn JavaScript from scratch. We’ll start off by answering the frequently asked questions by beginners about JavaScript and shortly after we’ll set up our development environment and start coding.

Whether you’re a beginner and want to learn to code, or you know any programming language and just want to learn JavaScript for web development, this tutorial helps you learn JavaScript fast.

You don’t need any prior experience with JavaScript or any other programming languages. Just watch this JavaScript tutorial to the end and you’ll be writing JavaScript code in no time.

If you want to become a front-end developer, you have to learn JavaScript. It is the programming language that every front-end developer must know.

You can also use JavaScript on the back-end using Node. Node is a run-time environment for executing JavaScript code outside of a browser. With Node and Express (a popular JavaScript framework), you can build back-end of web and mobile applications.

If you’re looking for a crash course that helps you get started with JavaScript quickly, this course is for you.


00:00 What is JavaScript
04:41 Setting Up the Development Environment
07:52 JavaScript in Browsers
11:41 Separation of Concerns
13:47 JavaScript in Node
16:11 Variables
21:49 Constants
23:35 Primitive Types
26:47 Dynamic Typing
30:06 Objects
35:22 Arrays
39:41 Functions
44:22 Types of Functions

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Sival Alethea

Sival Alethea


Learn JavaScript - Full Course for Beginners. DO NOT MISS!!!

This complete 134-part JavaScript tutorial for beginners will teach you everything you need to know to get started with the JavaScript programming language.
⭐️Course Contents⭐️
0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:24 Running JavaScript
0:04:23 Comment Your Code
0:05:56 Declare Variables
0:06:15 Storing Values with the Assignment Operator
0:11:31 Initializing Variables with the Assignment Operator
0:11:58 Uninitialized Variables
0:12:40 Case Sensitivity in Variables
0:14:05 Add Two Numbers
0:14:34 Subtract One Number from Another
0:14:52 Multiply Two Numbers
0:15:12 Dividing Numbers
0:15:30 Increment
0:15:58 Decrement
0:16:22 Decimal Numbers
0:16:48 Multiply Two Decimals
0:17:18 Divide Decimals
0:17:33 Finding a Remainder
0:18:22 Augmented Addition
0:19:22 Augmented Subtraction
0:20:18 Augmented Multiplication
0:20:51 Augmented Division
0:21:19 Declare String Variables
0:22:01 Escaping Literal Quotes
0:23:44 Quoting Strings with Single Quotes
0:25:18 Escape Sequences
0:26:46 Plus Operator
0:27:49 Plus Equals Operator
0:29:01 Constructing Strings with Variables
0:30:14 Appending Variables to Strings
0:31:11 Length of a String
0:32:01 Bracket Notation
0:33:27 Understand String Immutability
0:34:23 Find the Nth Character
0:34:51 Find the Last Character
0:35:48 Find the Nth-to-Last Character
0:36:28 Word Blanks
0:40:44 Arrays
0:41:43 Nest Arrays
0:42:33 Access Array Data
0:43:34 Modify Array Data
0:44:48 Access Multi-Dimensional Arrays
0:46:30 push()
0:47:29 pop()
0:48:33 shift()
0:49:23 unshift()
0:50:36 Shopping List
0:51:41 Write Reusable with Functions
0:53:41 Arguments
0:55:43 Global Scope
0:59:31 Local Scope
1:00:46 Global vs Local Scope in Functions
1:02:40 Return a Value from a Function
1:03:55 Undefined Value returned
1:04:52 Assignment with a Returned Value
1:05:52 Stand in Line
1:08:41 Boolean Values
1:09:24 If Statements
1:11:51 Equality Operator
1:13:18 Strict Equality Operator
1:14:43 Comparing different values
1:15:38 Inequality Operator
1:16:20 Strict Inequality Operator
1:17:05 Greater Than Operator
1:17:39 Greater Than Or Equal To Operator
1:18:09 Less Than Operator
1:18:44 Less Than Or Equal To Operator
1:19:17 And Operator
1:20:41 Or Operator
1:21:37 Else Statements
1:22:27 Else If Statements
1:23:30 Logical Order in If Else Statements
1:24:45 Chaining If Else Statements
1:27:45 Golf Code
1:32:15 Switch Statements
1:35:46 Default Option in Switch Statements
1:37:23 Identical Options in Switch Statements
1:39:20 Replacing If Else Chains with Switch
1:41:11 Returning Boolean Values from Functions
1:42:20 Return Early Pattern for Functions
1:43:38 Counting Cards
1:49:11 Build Objects
1:50:46 Dot Notation
1:51:33 Bracket Notation
1:52:47 Variables
1:53:34 Updating Object Properties
1:54:30 Add New Properties to Object
1:55:19 Delete Properties from Object
1:55:54 Objects for Lookups
1:57:43 Testing Objects for Properties
1:59:15 Manipulating Complex Objects
2:01:00 Nested Objects
2:01:53 Nested Arrays
2:03:06 Record Collection
2:10:15 While Loops
2:11:35 For Loops
2:13:56 Odd Numbers With a For Loop
2:15:28 Count Backwards With a For Loop
2:17:08 Iterate Through an Array with a For Loop
2:19:43 Nesting For Loops
2:22:45 Do…While Loops
2:24:12 Profile Lookup
2:28:18 Random Fractions
2:28:54 Random Whole Numbers
2:30:21 Random Whole Numbers within a Range
2:31:46 parseInt Function
2:32:36 parseInt Function with a Radix
2:33:29 Ternary Operator
2:34:57 Multiple Ternary Operators
2:36:57 var vs let
2:39:02 var vs let scopes
2:41:32 const Keyword
2:43:40 Mutate an Array Declared with const
2:44:52 Prevent Object Mutation
2:47:17 Arrow Functions
2:28:24 Arrow Functions with Parameters
2:49:27 Higher Order Arrow Functions
2:53:04 Default Parameters
2:54:00 Rest Operator
2:55:31 Spread Operator
2:57:18 Destructuring Assignment: Objects
3:00:18 Destructuring Assignment: Nested Objects
3:01:55 Destructuring Assignment: Arrays
3:03:40 Destructuring Assignment with Rest Operator to Reassign Array
3:05:05 Destructuring Assignment to Pass an Object
3:06:39 Template Literals
3:10:43 Simple Fields
3:12:24 Declarative Functions
3:12:56 class Syntax
3:15:11 getters and setters
3:20:25 import vs require
3:22:33 export
3:23:40 * to Import
3:24:50 export default
3:25:26 Import a Default Export
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wp codevo

wp codevo


JavaScript Shopping Cart - Javascript Project for Beginners

#shopping cart javascript #hopping cart with javascript #javascript shopping cart tutorial for beginners #javascript cart project #javascript tutorial #shopping cart

Terry  Tremblay

Terry Tremblay


Now Learn JavaScript Programming Language With Microsoft

icrosoft has released a new series of video tutorials on YouTube for novice programmers to get a hands-on renowned programming language — JavaScript.

This isn’t the first attempt by Microsoft to come up with video tutorials by beginner programmers. The company also has a series of YouTube tutorials on Python for beginners.

For JavaScript, Microsoft has launched a series of 51 videos as ‘Beginner’s Series to JavaScript,’ for young programmers, developers and coders who are interested in building browser applications using JavaScript. These video tutorials will also help programmers and coders to use relevant software development kits (SDKs) and JavaScript frameworks, such as Google’s Angular.

“Learning a new framework or development environment is made even more difficult when you don’t know the programming language,” stated on the Microsoft Developer channel on YouTube. “Fortunately, we’re here to help! We’ve created this series of videos to focus on the core concepts of JavaScript.”

It further stated — while the tutorials don’t cover every aspect of JavaScript, it indeed will help in building a foundation from which one can continue to grow. By the end of this series, Microsoft claims that the novice programmers will be able to work through tutorials, quick starts, books, and other resources, continuing to grow on their own.

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Jeromy  Lowe

Jeromy Lowe


Data Visualization in R with ggplot2: A Beginner Tutorial

A famous general is thought to have said, “A good sketch is better than a long speech.” That advice may have come from the battlefield, but it’s applicable in lots of other areas — including data science. “Sketching” out our data by visualizing it using ggplot2 in R is more impactful than simply describing the trends we find.

This is why we visualize data. We visualize data because it’s easier to learn from something that we can see rather than read. And thankfully for data analysts and data scientists who use R, there’s a tidyverse package called ggplot2 that makes data visualization a snap!

In this blog post, we’ll learn how to take some data and produce a visualization using R. To work through it, it’s best if you already have an understanding of R programming syntax, but you don’t need to be an expert or have any prior experience working with ggplot2

#data science tutorials #beginner #ggplot2 #r #r tutorial #r tutorials #rstats #tutorial #tutorials