Mobile App Testing Challenges for the Developers to Overcome

Mobile App Testing Challenges for the Developers to Overcome

Here we are going to explain some of the key mobile app testing challenges that mobile app projects need to face in regard to app testing.

In this article, we will see some of the common mobile app testing challenges.

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It is an unflinching priority for every developer to launch the perfectly designed app with optimum performance and business conversion attributes and cannot compromise on this. This indomitable focus on quality can only lead to a more effective testing strategy. Yes, this is why leading app development companies put so much money, efforts, manpower, and resources on app testing.

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But despite all the efforts and the resources put behind app testing, app testing for all apps equally doesn’t yield the same level of success. App testing often needs to handle different devices, OS platforms, and their ever-evolving variations, automation testing difficulties, and many other challenges. Moreover, there have been different approaches to app testing, including continuous testing of DevOps projects, split testing of Agile development, and MVP app testing to ensure building a basic high-performance app. On top of all these, there is a multitude of testing tools in the market, and all are not equally efficient, and several of them are counterproductive. So choosing the right mobile app testing tool is a challenge as well.

When it comes to mobile app testing, many companies just show the lack of devices as a key challenge while other points towards the absence of the right tools, and there are still others who consider a lack of resources as the main pulling factor. Considering all of these, here we are going to explain some of the key challenges that mobile app projects need to face in regard to app testing.

Key Challenges of Mobile Application Testing

Here are some of the common challenges faced during mobile app testing:

#1. The Fragmented Ecosystem of Devices, Platforms, and OS Versions

Let’s take a look at the maze of mobile platforms, devices, and OS versions that create too many different testing fields for the app testers. There are two major platforms, such as iOS and Android. Now each of these platforms is segregated into a variety of devices ranging across features and capabilities.

On top of that, each of these two platforms boasts of several OS versions. Now for testing an app on Android, you need to pick from many devices and choose the compatible OS versions running for each device. So, the testing options are quite diverse, and it is hard to test your apps across all devices running the compatible OS versions.

There are various time-tested approaches to solve these challenges to deal with the maze of OS and devices. One of the key approaches is detecting the issues with emulators and replacing emulators with real devices while keeping a limit on supporting devices and OS versions to a minimum. Often it is found that supporting the latest flagships and the latest OS versions are easier than supporting backdated devices and OS versions.

#2. Understanding What Your Audience Needs

Most testing strategies mostly rely on an app’s key performance parameters that are mostly going to be the same for the vast majority of apps across the niches. In contrast, every app as a solution caters to specific audience needs and problems, and hence the testing should focus on whether the app actually helps users effectively or not. This is why the testing team must be aligned with the user experience expectations when evaluating an app and should use tools and strategies accordingly.

One of the greatest challenges for the app testers is understanding the target users’ expectations and the competitors the app needs to deal with. The app tester must ensure finding all the design and development mistakes that put the app competitively in bad shape for the audience and its apps of the niche.

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