The Power of Single-Element Collections in Angular

The Power of Single-Element Collections in Angular

Avoid creating a complex maze of setters

Avoid creating a complex maze of setters

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Today, I want to share my thoughts on the power of using single-element collections in Angular apps. I find use cases for this very often in my daily work, so maybe you’ll find it useful also.

Let’s start with something typical:

  *ngFor="let item of selectedWorkItems"

We’ve seen such code many times and it looks very natural to us. Whenever we add a new element to the selectedWorkItems array, Angular will initialise a new instance of the component and render it within the view. Business as usual.

Now consider this: The selectedWorkItems collection can have either 0 or 1 element.

In such a scenario, is there still a place for the *ngFor or should we switch to a single selectedWorkItem field on the component?

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