A Developer's Guide to Optimizing Mobile App Performance - DZone Performance

A Developer's Guide to Optimizing Mobile App Performance - DZone Performance

In this post, we focus on optimizing mobile app performance, including an app's ability to adapt, user expectations, network coverage, and more.

The invention of mobile phones led to wireless connections between people communicating over a long distance. Users were happy to stay connected with wide coverage offered to them via different cellular phone networks.

Gradually, it became a normal thing for anyone to have a portable phone in their pockets.

As time passed, different innovations influenced the mobile phone technology, thereby, making many functions easier and hassle-free for users.

Today, mobile phones are updated with the latest applications that make various processes and activities easier for daily life. In fact, one cannot imagine life without a mobile phone.


Why Mobile App Optimization Is Essential

Mobile phones were once a device that enabled communication over a long distance, but now, it has become a tool that makes everything accessible anytime anywhere in just a few clicks.

Starting from booking a cab to ordering food from your favorite restaurant, mobile apps have made life much easier and more convenient than ever before.

As these apps play a dominating role in the lives of individuals, it is important that the performance of these mobile applications is never negatively impacted. This is what makes optimizing mobile app performance a necessity.

Imagine you are too hungry to wait at a restaurant and you pick up your mobile phone to order your favorite food from your favorite restaurant. But, the app is not working properly.

As a result, you are unable to place your order. Will you go back to the same app ever again after the issue? No, right? So, when asked why it is important to optimize a mobile app, the most important answer is user retention.

To be more precise, a mobile app used for any service becomes an important platform for communication between the user and the service provider via easy navigation and proper interface. You can only hold on to a relationship when you can communicate properly.

Hence, having a better communicative platform will definitely lead to improved user retention.

What Factors Affect Mobile App Optimization?

As soon as a developer decides to work on optimizing a mobile app, there are multiple factors that need need their attention:

1. User Expectations

When you are developing a mobile app, think about the customers you or your client are going to serve.

Hence, the process must consider customers or users as the prime factor influencing the development procedure.

While using a mobile app, people want to have an easy user interface along with a stable speed to help the app run. Keep in mind the same concepts when initially developing mobile apps, as well.

2. Adaptive Nature

Mobile applications are used by people irrespective of the places they are in or the time they are contacting their service providers. In short, they may use it from home or on the go.

However, cellular network coverage is not always the same. Hence, being a developer, you must ensure that your app can adapt to changing network coverage offered by different network carriers.

3. User Loss

Remember, if users are not happy while using your app, they won’t come back. Keep this factor in mind and then develop one. If your client loses users, neither they will get the customer back nor will you get your client back. So, be prepared.

When the mobile apps that you develop are in line with the users’ expectations, the latter proves relevant and results in solid feedback and positive reviews online.

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