VueJs 2.0 - how to listen for `props` changes

VueJs 2.0 - how to listen for `props` changes

In the&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">VueJs 2.0 docs</a>&nbsp;I can't find any hooks that would listen on&nbsp;<code>props</code>&nbsp;changes.

In the VueJs 2.0 docs I can't find any hooks that would listen on props changes.

Does VueJs have such hooks like onPropsUpdated() or similar?


As @wostex suggested, I tried to watch my property but nothing changed. Then I realized that I've got a special case:

    <child :my-prop="myProp"></child>

<script> export default { props: ['myProp'] } </script>

I am passing myProp that the parent component receives to the child component. Then the watch: {myProp: ...} is not working.

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