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Discovering Your Ideal Work Environment

It may be a common interview question, but that doesn’t make it the only reason to figure out what your ideal work environment is. You can always find things to say to the hiring managers that will satisfy their queries and land the job for you. However, in the long run, it only means risking your job satisfaction.

With 74% of employees saying company culture is a critical job satisfaction factor and only 19% of employees believing they have the “right culture,” determining whether a company’s work environment is the right fit for you or not is as important as ensuring your salary matches your expectations. So, instead of preparing for the perfect answer for your interviewer, you need to first establish your ideal work environment for yourself.

But how do you do that?

It all starts with self-awareness and understanding how you work best to determine the work culture that can help your personality thrive. Ask yourself these three questions and divide the chosen companies based on your answers.

What Motivates and Inspires You to Get the Job Done?

Is it solitude? Or positive people around you? Would it be easier to work in the comfort of your house or on a desk in a professional setting?

Your answers to such questions and others like these will help you ascertain the characteristics of a company.

For instance, if you find that a structure where reporting to someone for work and someone reporting to you for the same keeps you on your toes and helps you manage work better, a company with a flat hierarchy would not be suitable for you.

What Are Your Strengths and How Can You Leverage Them?

If you’re the kind of person who can handle unexpected challenges efficiently, a startup environment would be ideal for you. Or, if you’re good with building relationships with the people you interact with, choosing a remote working environment would not be playing to your strengths. It isn’t only about understanding what you are best at but choosing a company whose culture is based upon those characteristics.

Ideal Work

Can You Connect With the Current Employees?

Do your research and find out about the values, culture, and employees’ job satisfaction levels of the company you have shortlisted. You can even interact with the current employees through social media and find out what they think about the company.

Think of it like this – If you wanted to buy a particular car, you would consult your peers who have the same vehicle. You would also probably go online to find out what the experience of other people has been with the car. Then, if you feel that people who are similar to you found the car to be a right choice, you would consider buying it. Do the same for your job. If you can connect with the current employees, and if they like their jobs, it most probably means that you would like working there too.

Are You Ready?

The right work environment is always more critical to a successful career than having the salary you want when you want it. A work culture that feeds off of your strengths will still allow you more room to express your potential and make a name for yourself.

So, if you are in the process of looking for a job or have already landed an offer, make sure to gain an insight into the work culture of the company you are interviewing at. Remember, a company is as equally resourceful to you as you are to it in shaping up your career, so always examine the variables at play before making an investment as necessary as your time to a company‘s cause.

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Discovering Your Ideal Work Environment

Best Working Environments for Devs: A Hierarchy of Needs | Hacker Noon

Developing and coding are incredibly tough. There are hundreds upon thousands of lines of code, and a single error can leave you trawling to find what exactly went wrong and why.

It’s hard enough trying to sort out every little issue while working to tight and sometimes unreasonable deadlines - without having to deal with distractions and disruptions in the office.

A better work environment helps to dramatically increase productivity, and so I’ve compiled 12 Ways to Create the Best Work Environment for Developers.

Remove Distractions from the immediate space

Surrounded by technology, it is easier than ever to get distracted - especially in the workplace. Phones constantly buzzing with notifications, clutter on your desk, even the typing and talking of your colleagues is enough to break your concentration.

The easiest way to stop getting distracted is just to remove all distractions. This sounds obvious, but it’s amazing how many people don’t realise how much they get distracted by the little things.

Put your phone on Do Not Disturb, and then put it away. Even if its buzzing doesn’t affect you, it’ll affect someone else. It’s best to just lock it away while you’re working. If it’s something vitally important, whoever it is can always call your office.

With regards to the sound made by other people, your best bet is to invest in some sound-cancelling headphones. These can be relatively expensive, but are incredibly effective at creating a personal bubble.

If you find listening to music distracts you too much, you can always opt for white noise (there are many different types, so don’t be afraid to experiment), or just pure silence.

Communication is Key

Communication skills are potentially the most important things to develop when you manage other people. Open and clear communication with developers (or anyone really) is the best way to help them get something done. If someone doesn’t understand what they need to do for a project, how are they meant to do it?

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Fix: G Suite not Working | G Suite Email not Working | Google Business

G Suite is one of the Google products, developed form of Google Apps. It is a single platform to hold cloud computing, collaboration tools, productivity, software, and products. While using it, many a time, it’s not working, and users have a question– How to fix G Suite not working on iPhone? It can be resolved easily by restarting the device, and if unable to do so, you can reach our specialists whenever you want.
For more details: https://contactforhelp.com/blog/how-to-fix-the-g-suite-email-not-working-issue/

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Xfinity Stream Not Working?

Xfinity, the tradename of Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, is the first rate supplier of Internet, satellite TV, phone, and remote administrations in the United States. Presented in 2010, previously these administrations were given under the Comcast brand umbrella. Xfinity makes a universe of mind boggling amusement and innovation benefits that joins a great many individuals to the encounters and minutes that issue them the most. Since Xfinity is the greatest supplier of link administrations and home Internet in the United States, it isn’t amazing that the organization gets a ton of investigating and inquiry goal demands on its telephone based Xfinity Customer Service.

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Resolve Xfinity Comcast Email not Working | +1-888-857-5157 | How to

Comcast is one of the email service providers and you can log-in by using credentials such as username and password. However, while using it, many users face Comcast email, not working problems. Here we discussed How To Resolve Xfinity Comcast Email Not Working Problems easily by going through the steps. This article helps you to get rid of several issues associated with Xfinity Comcast Email Not Working Issues.

Many of them might be first-time users of Comcast. While you have created an account, you may not know the procedure for sign-in but while log-in some users face the issue and unable to get into your account. The log-in procedure to the account is very simple and easy to follow. Let’s start with the procedure to follow the below steps.

**Steps To Resolve Xfinity Comcast Email Login Problem

  • Be sure that your internet network connection is strong.
  • Always ensure to turn on and Off the NUMLOCK and CAPSLOCK keys while typing your password as passwords are always case-sensitive.
  • Avoid doing copy-pasting your password as there is a possibility of including a Space at the beginning or at the end of the password.
  • Now, you have to enter slowly and steadily to avoid the human tendency of doing typo-error while in a hurry.
  • If your browser is auto-filling your old/previous password then, you have to hit on your browser’s Auto-fill Settings and update it with your current password.
  • Even a minor fault can also lead to an Xfinity Comcast email login problem and thus, you should check whether there is a Comcast Email Service outage in your area.
  • Always, be sure about the compatibility of your web browser with Comcast email, and update the version of your web browser.
  • Now, you have to remove all the add-ons and plug-ins from your browser that might be interfering with your Comcast email service leading to blocking of your account access.
  • Lastly, you can try temporarily disabling your antivirus and Windows Firewall as they can also block your access to the Comcast email service account.

After going, through these steps, you can surely get the issue resolved related to Xfinity Comcast Email Not Working Problems and if you require technical assistance related to it, then you can feel free to get in touch with our Xfinity Comcast Email specialists at +1-888-857-5157. Our support team available 24*7 to help resolve your issues related to Xfinity Comcast Email Problems.

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Emails Customer Care - AOL Mail Is Working Slow Problems

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Are you dealing with AOL Mail Is Working Slow Problems? Behind this error may be several reasons such as outdated web browser, memory space, RAM, and maybe other software problems. Here, In this blog, we are discussing How To Fix AOL Mail Is Working Slow Problems? Following some common steps to solve these issues as per client requirements.

Basic tips to solve AOL mail Working slow

  • Update Windows and software for the latest release.
  • Try upgrading your computer’s application driver.
  • Turn off your computer’s firewall.
  • Virus and malware programs can be removed using anti-virus tools.
  • Change your computer settings.
  • Remove all temporary and junk files from your computer.

Why AOL Mail Responding Slow Down & Working Issues?

1. Again start your Computer
Many problems can be easily solved by restarting your computer. A reboot helps remove all junk and time files from the computer. It also contributes to RAM cleaning and solving minor technical problems. It also helps connect the router to the AOL Gold desktop server.

2. Check your Internet Connection
If your internet connection is slow, all programs including AOL Desktop Gold will run slowly. You inspect all network link cables. Turn off the modem and the router. You can turn your computer off for 30 seconds before turning it back on and making sure that the link is secure. You can also search for Desk Gold which is not actually running in the background, as it slows down AOL Desktop Gold.

3. Software Reinstallation
You have to reinstall the program due to a technical issue arising as a result of the software running continuously or for some other purpose.

You can review the specifications of the software before downloading it. This program must be compliant with the system requirements for downloading.

Solution 4: Startup programs should be discontinued
If you have a program that is classified as a Windows start-up program, you have to close all of them. If you add more software to the system, the list of startup programs will continue to grow. This problem is not caused by a program on your computer desktop. Disabling problematic programs will help you save time and make the machine run faster.

You have to follow these simple steps to fix AOL Mail’s Working Slow Issues. If you are unable to fix these issues. You may talk to our email customer care experts through a phone call at +1-888-857-5157. We will provide complete solutions related to your issues.

Source: https://sites.google.com/view/emails-customer-care/blog/aol-mail-is-working-slow-problems

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