Model Optimization Techniques

Model Optimization Techniques

In this article, I will brief you through the methods of model optimization using TensorFlow.

When I used to look at my model sizes once training gets over I always gets frustrated because of the number it shows up. But no more worries as the machine learning world has developed immensely over the last decade. In this article, I will brief you through the methods of model optimization using TensorFlow. Tensorflow is an open-sourced deep learning framework created by Google and it should be in the list of every machine learning researchers and aspirants. Arguably every new model is based out of either Tensorflow or Pytorch in this decade. Initially, there were other players in the market like MXNet, Caffe etc but now their share is very meagre when compared to Tensorflow and Pytorch. With weight clustering added to the already present pruning and quantization, there are three major ways by which one can reduce the size of their model without much reduction in metrics.

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