Introducing Space Code Owners

Introducing Space Code Owners

Owners can be specified as Space usernames. The CODEOWNERS file itself is owned by team members in the Project Admin role. Introducing Space Code Owners. Learn how to define an owner for specific paths or files in a Git repo, In the Space editor, CODEOWNERS is highlighted to make it easier to read.

When you are working on a project, how do you know who is the best person to review or approve your merge request? Who should you ask for more information about a specific file?

In Space, there are a number of ways to find out. The  responsibility list will show you broader responsibilities in a project.  Annotating files in the history may help too, and, of course, you can always  ask people in the team directly while browsing source code in Space.

Today, we’re adding the ability to define who owns specific paths or files in a Git repository using a CODEOWNERS file. It can be used by project members to find out who to contact if you have a question about specific parts of the codebase. In merge requests, the CODEOWNERS file can be used to determine who should review changes.

In this post, we will see how to define code owners and configure CODEOWNERS files with branch protection and quality gates in Space.

Defining code owners

The CODEOWNERS file is part of your Git repository, and outlines who owns certain paths or files in a repository. You can create the CODEOWNERS file in two places:

  • In the root directory of your repository
  • In the .space/ directory

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