Switching career to Data Science in your 30s.

Switching career to Data Science in your 30s.

Don’t dwell on questions that already have answers. Here are three things I wish I knew before starting my career transition to Data Science.

You have reached a point in your career that it does not make sense to continue doing the same thing. Maybe you are bored, don’t earn as much as you deserve or, like me, simply never liked your job. Amidst a career turmoil, you came across data science and noticed there is a massive opportunity by switching careers. Also, you have found several coding tutorials on YouTube by Data Scientists.However, despite many experts online, maybe a few of them have been in a career transition to data science. Probably even fewer did such a change from a completely unrelated field in their late 30s. This suggests that what you have been watching/reading may not apply to your reality. That said, you should watch those videos with a pinch of salt. After all, you do not want to waste your valuable time. So, here are three things I wish someone in a similar career and life stage would have told me before making a career change to data science:

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Data Science and Analytics market evolves to adapt to the constantly changing economic and business environments. Our latest survey report suggests that as the overall Data Science and Analytics market evolves to adapt to the constantly changing economic and business environments, data scientists and AI practitioners should be aware of the skills and tools that the broader community is working on. A good grip in these skills will further help data science enthusiasts to get the best jobs that various industries in their data science functions are offering.

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