13 Exciting Python Projects on Github You Should Try Today [2021]

13 Exciting Python Projects on Github You Should Try Today [2021]

The various Python research project on GitHub which can polish your programming skills also know more about it. Python is one of the top choices in programming languages among professionals worldwide. Top 15 Exciting Cloud Computing Projects on GitHub for Beginners [2021]

Python is one of the top choices in  programming languages among professionals worldwide. Its straightforward syntax allows software developers and data scientists to pick up new skills with ease. You can also find many Python projects on GitHub to practice and learn while doing. 

Why Python Projects?

The job market has a high demand for professionals with  Python skills, but not many candidates pay attention to the advantages of using it. It has extensive support libraries and user-friendly data structures. And over the years, it has emerged as an excellent tool for building command-line applications.

You will find various open-source examples if you take a look at the Python projects on GitHub. The repository has something for everyone – from creating a simple password generator to automating routine tasks and mining Twitter Data. For beginners, an activity-based learning approach can do wonders. It can help you understand the ins and outs of the language, such as the Pandas and Django web frameworks and the multiprocess architecture. So, let’s dive in. 

Python Projects on GitHub

1. Magenta

2. Photon

3. Mailpile

4. XSStrike

5. Google Images Download

6. Pandas Project

7. Xonsh

8. Manim

9. AI Basketball Analysis

10. Rebound

11. NeutralTalk

12. TensorFlow Projects

13. Maps Models Importer

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