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How Much Does Cost to Develop On-demand Courier(Parcel) Delivery App

With COVID-19 and global lockdowns being imposed, the delivery and logistics industry has boomed. Since people could not move out of their houses, food, medicine, and daily essentials were all being delivered at our doorstep giving huge profits to courier and delivery service providers. The industry is majorly segmented on the following basis- 

  • Business (B2B and B2C)
  • Destination (domestic and international)
  • End-user (services, wholesale and retail trade, construction and utilities, manufacturing, and primary industries)

According to research, the courier, express, and parcel (CEP) market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 6%. By value, Asia-Pacific is projected as the largest regional parcel market, accounting for 40% of the deals. 

However, owing to the development of e-commerce and food delivery, the market has become oversaturated with players. Hence, more companies are taking to develop bespoke courier delivery apps. Given below are a few reasons why you should start thinking of doing the same- 

  • Remove the extra charges- You know better than we do that when you use third-party courier services as Uber Eats, you pay up to 30% of your revenue to these providers. Furthermore, because their platforms include many offers from similar companies, your products may be overlooked in the app due to the diversity. Thus, in the long run, creating a courier tracking app helps you save money that you would’ve ended up paying to a 3rd party provider. Choose wisely!
  • Customized Solutions- When using a 3rd party solution, you accept the policies and limitations that have been imposed by the provider. These solutions are generic and do not understand your business, hence they are pretty inefficient.
  • Independent businesses- Have you seen any big brands rely on a 3rd-party solution for delivery? They have set it up for themselves, their logistics chains are the place where they book maximum profits just because they have a bespoke courier service. 

Have you now understood the importance of having a courier delivery service for your business needs? We will take you through the process of developing a bespoke app for yourself step by step 

  • Identification of your target group- Before launching a product, the target group should be thoroughly studied. Dissect your target audience by the following segments- Demographics, Psychographics and Media graphics, these segments will help you undertake your business, product and marketing strategies.
  • Needs of the target audience- If you want to create a product that floats, make sure that you address all the pain points. Examine your target audience's needs and incorporate them into your app's offering. You can use online surveys, post your idea as a question in social networking focus groups, or user forums to test the product. 
  • Keeping a check on your competitor- Have a thorough understanding of the key players in the market. Google and iOS app stores are a great source to gauge and track new competitors, customer feedback and ratings. 
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)- MVP is the initial structure that is created and released with a limited set of features. This is a great tool to track feedback from early adopters. Make sure you attempt to sell your app by creating a basic version on a tight budget. This will validate your idea and insight even before you deep dive and make a large investment. 
  • Essential Features-In order to create your MVP, you will need basic features that are essential for a courier app, given below are a few that you can start with- 

User Panel 


Admin Panel 


Delivery person panel 


Registration/ Log In/ Sign Up

Order Details (Past orders, Order number, Order Status, Payment details) 

Payment gateways

Reviews and Ratings

Notifications and Updates 

Real Times Tracking 


Customer analytics

Customer activity tracking

Delivery person ledger 

Matching algorithm 


Order notifications 

Accept/ Reject 

Pick up and drop location 

My Earnings 

Map Routes and Tracking 

Parcel details (Weight, Soft/Hard packet)


Since you completed the first few stages of developing the application. Now, comes an important question- what is the cost to develop a bespoke courier delivery app. The answer depends on a few factors like- Are you hiring a mobile app development company or freelancer or doing the function in-house- An initial level thought that can affect the entire process. Each of the three has its pro’s and cons but you should stick to your strategy and budget. Usually hiring a mobile app development company will cost the lowest followed by a freelancer and last comes hiring an in-house team. 

There are a few more factors that determine the cost of developing apps- 

  • List of features- Developing a cohort of features takes time and resources. Prices are determined according to to- number of features, advanced/ primary features. MVP version/ final application.  Advanced features require higher expertise which raises the price
  • The expertise of the team- Developers charge prices as per their expertise and experience. While you can hire a novice developer for pennies, experienced and higher skill-set developers will charge a higher fee. 
  • Geography- In countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia, app developers typically earn between 72-144 pounds per hour. The rate is significantly lower in Asian and Eastern European countries.
  • App Maintenance- We often overlook the updates that platforms such as Android or iOS, receive. Every update requires you to update and maintain the app accordingly. As a result, when estimating the cost of developing an app, it is critical to consider this factor as well.
  • Time required to develop- An easy way of calculating the approximate cost is by knowing the time each of the features would generally take, given below is a table that gives you the approx time taken to develop each of these features. 

User Panel 

  • Registration/ Log In/ Sign Up
  • Order Details (Past orders, Order number, Order Status, Payment details) 
  • Payment gateways
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Notifications and Updates 
  • Real Times Tracking 


Time Taken 

  • 15 hrs
  • 98-155 hrs
  • 10 hrs 
  • 8-10 hrs
  • 6 hrs
  • 18 hrs 


Total- 155 hrs


Delivery Person’s Panel 

  • Order notifications 
  • Accept/ Reject 
  • Pick up and drop location 
  • My Earnings 
  • Map Routes and Tracking 
  • Parcel details (Weight, Soft/Hard packet)


  • 6 hrs
  • 10 hrs
  • 10-15 hrs
  • 18 hrs
  • 18 hrs 


Total- 64 hrs


Admin Panel

  • Customer analytics
  • Customer activity tracking
  • Delivery person ledger 
  • Matching algorithm  


  • 60 hrs
  • 20 hrs
  • 30 hrs
  • 40 hrs 


Total- 150 hours


Please notice, the admin panel which has the most complex features takes the maximum time while the delivery and customer panel require fewer hours. Since now you have an idea of the hours taken, simply multiply them into the charges levied by your freelancer/ company per hour. You will exactly get your cost. 

  • Technology stack, framework and developing the app- Once you have fixed your features, budget and timelines you can technically start building the product. Now you have various choices here as well, like the framework you choose, android, iOS or hybrid. You should take these decisions driven by insights and the research done in stage 1. However, by using the right tools you can save money, time and other resources. We would recommend using React Native for development. The Sendbird SDK can be used for the in-app chat feature, you can use Google Maps for tracking and delivery. 
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How Much Does Cost to Develop On-demand Courier(Parcel) Delivery App
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Fredy Larson


How long does it take to develop/build an app?

With more of us using smartphones, the popularity of mobile applications has exploded. In the digital era, the number of people looking for products and services online is growing rapidly. Smartphone owners look for mobile applications that give them quick access to companies’ products and services. As a result, mobile apps provide customers with a lot of benefits in just one device.

Likewise, companies use mobile apps to increase customer loyalty and improve their services. Mobile Developers are in high demand as companies use apps not only to create brand awareness but also to gather information. For that reason, mobile apps are used as tools to collect valuable data from customers to help companies improve their offer.

There are many types of mobile applications, each with its own advantages. For example, native apps perform better, while web apps don’t need to be customized for the platform or operating system (OS). Likewise, hybrid apps provide users with comfortable user experience. However, you may be wondering how long it takes to develop an app.

To give you an idea of how long the app development process takes, here’s a short guide.

App Idea & Research


_Average time spent: two to five weeks _

This is the initial stage and a crucial step in setting the project in the right direction. In this stage, you brainstorm ideas and select the best one. Apart from that, you’ll need to do some research to see if your idea is viable. Remember that coming up with an idea is easy; the hard part is to make it a reality.

All your ideas may seem viable, but you still have to run some tests to keep it as real as possible. For that reason, when Web Developers are building a web app, they analyze the available ideas to see which one is the best match for the targeted audience.

Targeting the right audience is crucial when you are developing an app. It saves time when shaping the app in the right direction as you have a clear set of objectives. Likewise, analyzing how the app affects the market is essential. During the research process, App Developers must gather information about potential competitors and threats. This helps the app owners develop strategies to tackle difficulties that come up after the launch.

The research process can take several weeks, but it determines how successful your app can be. For that reason, you must take your time to know all the weaknesses and strengths of the competitors, possible app strategies, and targeted audience.

The outcomes of this stage are app prototypes and the minimum feasible product.

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How to Develop On-Demand Pizza Delivery App?

AppClues Infotech is a mobile app development company providing high-end online and offline custom mobile app solutions to startups, small and medium businesses (SMBs) as well as large Fortune Global enterprises, spread across India, USA and UK.

Depending on the features the price of the application varies to develop On-demand Pizza Delivery App it may cost you around-$7000 to $20000.

Features Of AppClues App develpoment

  • Request Management
  • Look Menu for Food
  • Cook Allocation
  • Allotting Delivery to Delivery Men
  • Conveyance Tracking for Food Order
  • Surveys and Feedback for Order Delivered
  • Referral Management (Friend)
  • Continuous Communication (For Order Confirmation)
  • Limited time Offers (Promo Codes)

Over the past years, AppClues Infotech has been able to successfully deliver and deploy many enterprise and consumer mobile apps for its clients.The applications developed by AppClues Infotech under mobility solutions have been spread across various platforms and development.

Our top-notch engineers craft flawless code for the system with the largest number of users in the world.

Why Choose us ?

  • Aligned structure
  • Domain Expertise
  • On time Delivery
  • 24/7 Support
  • Detailed analysis
  • Aesthetic Designs
  • Agile Development
  • Rigorous Testing
  • Smooth Handover

AppClues Infotech Builds software that makes businesses more efficient and customers’ lives easier is what we’re bet at. Products we create are carefully designed with end users in mind and brought to life with elegantly written code.

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Hire On-Demand Mobile App Development Company in USA

Looking to hire an On-Demand mobile app Development Company in USA for your specific app development need? We at AppClues Infotech one of the leading app development company in USA that provides a wide range of On-Demand app development solutions that match your business requirements.

For more info:
Call: +1-978-309-9910

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Build An On-Demand Courier Delivery Application

The revolution of online services has now spread to different industry verticals. Courier delivery service is one such industry that has also transformed due to the necessity of on-demand services. To meet the challenges of instant deliveries, you would require advanced courier & parcel delivery applications that consist of all cutting-edge features.

How To Develop A Robust On-Demand Courier Delivery Solution?

Choose a suitable business model: First, you have to choose the right business model for your courier service app development. Postal & courier service application, Package tracking aggregator, Branded delivery and integrated solutions are some of the business models, to name a few.

Specify your business goals: You have to give a thought about the scope and requirements of your business model.

Implementation of your concept: you can now work on the practical development of your mobile app. A few essential features that a courier service app must have to give a good user experience.

Some of the basic features are,

  1. Customer support
  2. The premium for quick delivery
  3. Packaging specifications
  4. Real-time tracking
  5. Payment methods
  6. Rewards and offers

Having this all set, you can now develop the software for your mobile app by hiring your own in-house team or finding a reputed technology developer that will take care of your entire mobile app development. The second option is convenient and beneficial because you can simply rely on professionals who have adept skills in development, design and testing.

Steps to be followed to ensure the success of your app

  1. You have to promote your app on various social media platforms
  2. You have to establish a strong customer relationship with your target audience
  3. You have to strategize offers to attract customers and send customized messages regarding all the offers and promos
  4. Act on feedback and timely rectification of the backlogs

How Much Does It Cost?

The rate relies on various factors, such as the mobile app development company you are going to hire or depends on which platform you’re going to launch, whether Android or iOS or both, etc.

On A Concluding Note,

There are many factors, like discussed above, that are to be considered to be triumphant in the courier service business. Here, at Turkey Town, our team of experienced developers offer you a customizable white-label Uber for Courier at an affordable price range. So, why wait? Grab the opportunity now and flourish in your business!

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Cost to develop a food delivery app like Zomato?

Food Delivery through the app segment is seeing a constant increase in revenue because the only option for an individual to enjoy favourite food from the restaurant is by getting it home delivered from an app like Zomato.

Do you want to develop a Food Delivery App like Zomato?

With past experience in developing multiple food delivery apps, WebClues Infotech has the required skills, knowledge, and experience for developing a food delivery app like Zomato. With a development team that stays updated with the latest technologies regularly, WebClues Infotech has got everything an app development agency must possess.

Want to know more about Food Delivery App Development?

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