Serverless BASH! Q&A With Chase Douglas

Serverless BASH! Q&A With Chase Douglas

Serverless BASH! Q&A With Chase Douglas. Missed the keynote Q&A session from Serverless Bash? This was hosted live by our Head of Learning Garth Gilmour. Recap of questions from Serverless Bash! Keynote presentation

Missed the keynote Q&A session from Serverless Bash? We've put together a summary below:

Last Friday, 26th June 2020, we held our Virtual Serverless Bash! event. This was hosted live by our Head of Learning Garth Gilmour. Just under two hundred people tuned in to hear keynote speaker, Chase Douglas, present on how you can use serverless to refactor old apps whilst saving money. In case you missed this, here is a recap of the questions asked by our audience and a link to the full video.

Talk Synopsis

Strangling With Serverless: How To Have Fun Refactoring Old Apps

New projects are cool, but did you know Serverless is great for extending or rebuilding old apps too? And you can come out a hero by cutting the AWS bill by 90%? Join us as we look at how lots of companies are Serverlessly modernizing older apps to ship faster, scale higher, and cut costs.

Question 1

When you are incrementally porting something to a Serverless Architecture, what would you aim to keep the same versus what would you aim to change?

Question 2

Should we be treating YAML more as an intermediary? For example, should we be thinking about not writing it ourselves but letting some higher level tool create it for us?

Question 3

How long does it take to adopt and support new AWS features? What is the typical turnaround for example for QLDB?

Question 4

Do you support other cloud providers or purely AWS?

Question 5

Are we likely to be locked into AWS?


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