China's Export Restriction List: Which Technologies Included And Why?

China has revised its exports restrictions list for the first time in 12 years. China’s new restrictions on exports include a bunch of deep technologies, including AI, drone, satellite and cybersecurity. Certain technologies will now be subject to export bans or restrictions, meaning they have to be greenlit by the Chinese government for sale overseas.

The new rules, unveiled by China’s Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Science and Technology, added many items—including personal information push services based on data analysis and voice-recognition technologies commonly used in smartphones, robots and wearable devices—to the restricted list. Technologies on the list can’t be exported without a license from the government.

China’s Export Prohibited and Restricted Technology Catalog contain various technologies pertaining to artificial intelligence, voice, telecommunications, cybersecurity and cryptography.

Zhao Lijian, Spokesman, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “The main reason behind releasing the catalogue to regulate technology export management is to facilitate technological development, cooperate with foreign companies and to safeguard national economic security.”

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China's Export Restriction List: Which Technologies Included And Why?