Apollo interns on GraphQL Radio

Apollo interns on GraphQL Radio

One of my favorite times of year at the office is when the interns join us for the summer. This summer was the biggest group of interns yet, with 6 interns working on open source and commercial products at MDG. ]

Shadaj Laddad Shadaj is a senior at Lynbrook High School, and has been programming for a long time. He’s been historically interested in Scala, but was working mostly in JavaScript during his internship. Here’s what he worked on:

  • Subscriptions tutorial: Shadaj continued the Full-stack GraphQL tutorial with two steps about subscriptions: [Server-side] and [client-side].
  • Apollo Cache API: He refactored Apollo Client internals to separate out the internal GraphQL cache implementation behind a clean API. In Apollo Client 2.0, the cache will be completely pluggable, so that people can integrate caches based on different technologies like MobX, and build new features like offline support.

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