Data Science Hiring Process At Lenskart

Data Science Hiring Process At Lenskart

Currently, the company is hiring for domains such as data engineers, data science & ML, BI & business analyst across NCR and Bengaluru region.

Out of the 7 billion + people in world, around 30% are deprived of vision correction. Meanwhile, half of Indians (530 million) need vision correction, but only 170 million have them.

Lenskart was founded with a vision to help people see the beautiful word by revolutionising the eyewear category in India and beyond. The ten-year-old company now delivers 7 million + spectacles a year in India and Singapore and plans to ship out over a billion glasses over the next ten years.

“AI and Tech are the core of Lenskart’s DNA with key innovations in our 3D-Try on and omnichannel digital and store model. By scaling up our core data science team, we are looking forward to transforming our customer experience and business as we expand not only in India, but also across Singapore, the Middle East and the US,” Amit Chaudhary, co-founder, Lenskart, told Analytics India Magazine.

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