Understanding Python

Understanding Python

Understanding Python. Conditional statements and loops in python programming with 60+ practice exercises.

After a very detailed study on data structures in Python, let us learn the conditional statements and loops which allows us to do a certain task over and over again(loops) for conditions governed by the conditional statements. We will be seeing each with a few examples to understand how the flow of logic, conditions, iterations are implemented.

NOTE:_ At the end of this article, I have provided a link to my GitHub repository where you can find more than 60 practice questions and solutions in addition to the examples shown here._

Conditional Statements

if statement:

The *if *statement decides whether given statements need to be executed or not. It checks for a given condition, if the condition is true, then the code present inside the if block will be executed.

The following figure shows the syntax for “if condition”. If the result of the boolean expression is true, then the code in the if block will be executed.

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