World’s Top 9 TV App Builders To Build OTT TV Apps For Android & iOS

World’s Top 9 TV App Builders To Build OTT TV Apps For Android & iOS

VPlayed' OTT video platform that allows content owners to manage, publish, distribute, and monetize video content over web, mobile & connected TV.

OTT TV App Builders

Wondering on how to launch your own branded OTT TV apps? Here are the best 9 TV app development companies from top TV app developers to create Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, Smart TV, Samsung Tizen, LG Web OS, and many others

Do you know that more than 51% of homes in the U.S watches content over OTT TV apps for at least 100 minutes everyday.

Then could you imagine the percentage of OTT TV apps consumers globally.

Uff! That’s a huge market right!

The statement by Tim Cook, “The Future of TV is Apps”, the transformation is happening right now. The TV boxes and Smart TVs are some of the most common devices where streaming happens.

So, it's the right time for content owners and distributors to build an OTT TV app to stream movies, OTT content and acquire most of the market share.

Before getting started with the typical process to create your own OTT TV app and get streaming on multiple TV devices and mobile devices, let's get clear what an OTT TV app should look like and it’s supporting platforms.

Understanding of an Typical OTT TV App

Over-the-top apps that deliver video content to various devices such as smartphones, Web applications, Tablet and more. On the other hand, OTT TV apps are more like streaming content on TV than the traditional distribution of satellite or cable broadcasting. The TV-enabled OTT apps stream movies, TV shows, Web series and many more content over the internet across all Smart TVs like Android TVs, Apple TV and more.

So if you’re in the race of progressing your OTT business model, OTT TV app is one such lucrative business to grow your OTT market value and generate profitable revenue with OTT TV platforms.

Your OTT Tv app must be capable of streaming various content across multiple TVs to improve your potential market size value.

Specific Range of TV Platforms That Your OTT TV Apps Must Support

OTT TV Platform

  • Apple TV

One of the significant providers of TVs in the market holding 21 million active monthly users with 53 million media players & TVs globally. They have sold around 26 million devices in the U.S where it counts 1,600+ apps and games integrated along with the Apple TV+.

With the upgrade of Apple TV+, the company has experienced notable growth in the last 12 months which is calculated at a rate of 13% increase compared to every years’ growth rate.

  • Roku TV

Roku has been the second largest TV streaming platform in the world with more than 36.9 million active accounts. Roku company has sold over 41 million smart TV, Streaming Sticks and Players only in the U.S market. As of the March 2020, Roku claimed around 5,000 channels and record-breaking 40.3 billion hours of content streamed.

  • Amazon Fire TV

As the Leader in the TV streaming market, Amazon Fire TV reported 40 million active users in the 4th quarter of 2019 and the estimation of users crossed 45 million as of Feb 2020. The Amazon company has sold almost 30 million streaming devices in the U.S and the devices are available over 100+ countries.

  • Android TV

Android TV has a huge market across the world where it claims that tens of millions of consumers use Android TV as their standard device. After the introduction of Android TV in 2014 by Google, it has partnered with 140+ technology companies like Sony, TCL, Xiaomi and more.

  • Samsung Tizen TV

In the year 2018, around 157 million Smart TVs were sold where Samsung smart TV captured 21% share of the entire market. Samsung's Tizen OS is one such massive market followed by Roku and Amazon Prime.

With these points, it's clear that your OTT TV apps must constrain these TV platforms to deliver OTT content across every corner of the world. Additionally there are quite a lot of features that makes your OTT tv apps more effective and improves the business origin coming to consumers.

Features That Every OTT TV Provider must Look In Before Developing an OTT TV App

OTT TV App Features

  • Search Options

With such master discoverability, enable your users to find their preferred content with no time among those thousands of movies, TV shows with various sorts like genres, language & more.

  • Add to favorites

The features lets your audience to personalize their watching experience where they can add their favorite movies, series & other content with adding multiple favorite lists based on needs.

  • Watch History

With watch history, users and audience can look back at all their content that has been watched or to continue from any series.

  • Watch Offline

It’s one effective feature that helps the users to download all the series and episodes while having Wi-fi connection and later watch them without the worry of data consumptions.

  • Multilingual Content

Ensuring your OTT TV app supports multi language provides better reach and an opportunity to drive your OTT business across regions, and countries.

  • User Profile

It enables your audience to maintain a personalized profile with all their details such as subscription details, User’s behavior, log time and more.

  • Social features

Integrate social platforms that enables users to share the OTT content directly to their preferred social platform which in result experiences better reach & engagement.

  • In-app Purchase

Adding in-app purchases for your OTT Tv app may create the opportunity for a better revenue within your application.

Enterprise Possibilities That Your OTT TV App must Possess

  • 100% Customization

An enterprise OTT TV app platform ensures to customize any sort of features, functionalities, UI/UX, Deployment, Hosting possibilities, Themes and many more that aligns with your brand.

  • Video CMS

An OTT tv platform comes with in-built video CMS to maintain all your uploads, distribution and streaming of movies, series, TV programs and more.

  • HLS Player

OTT TV app in-built with a HLS player can deliver HD quality content across any Smart TVs irrespective of size. Also offers playback features and ensures buffer-free streaming.

  • Whitelabel Platforms

Enterprise OTT solution provide whitelabel possibility where you can build your own OTT TV app that precisely built on your own brand name or you can host on behalf of your client’s brand.

  • Digital Rights Management

OTT TV apps support multiple digital rights management systems to ensure all your ott streaming content is safe and protected against pireacy.

  • Monetization Models

More than subscription, you can generate revenue from your OTT Tv app with other monetization models like Ads, Pay-per-view and more.

  • Video Marketing

With various marketing tools, you can run campaigns, generate potential traffic through email marketing, social media Ads, and more to turn every viewer into a subscriber.

  • Tracking Insights

An enterprise OTT TV app comes with an analytical dashboard to track every incoming traffic to your OTT application, understand audience behavior, watch time and many more.

So You Want To Build Your Own OTT TV App to Stream Content Across Smart TVs & Grow This Lucrative OTT Business?

No worries, we’ve got you covered with all the details to succeed your OTT business. To reduce the burden of your efforts in searching top OTT TV app providers in the marker, We’ve sorted out some top 9 OTT TV App Development companies to build your brand new OTT TV app that supports all the Smart TVs in the world.

World’s Top 9 OTT TV App Development Companies in the Market

1. VPlayed - Enterprise OTT TV App Solution


VPlayed is one of the prime providers of OTT TV solutions in the market with enterprise technology and features that helps to build your own OTT TV apps on Smart TVs. Their solution is completely customizable where you can customize the design, themes, monetization features, User experience, hosting options and more. VPlayed’s OTT TV platform comes with scalable CMS, CDN to distribute the OTT content across all Smart TVs, streaming sticks, Players and regions at any time. Their solution comes with multiple monetization opportunities for creators & distributors to generate revenue through subscription, Ads, PPV and more.

2. CONTUS VPlay - OTT TV Apps for Smart TVs and Streaming Sticks


CONTUS VPlay is one among the leading OTT TV app providers in the market where it’s features, monetization models, functionalities supports 40+ use cases. Their platform is 100% customizable, and provides hosting flexibilities like on-premises and on-cloud. Their platform comes with a solution to build your own OTT TV application to stream on multiple devices and Smart TVs and more. To protect every streaming OTT content, their platform is in-built with DRMs and security protocols.

3. Zype - Platform Built for OTT Distribution


Zype platform helps content creators and distributors to distribute OTT content across Smart TVs through OTT TV apps. Their platform helps to launch your own OTT app that supports major endpoints like Apple TV, Roku TV, Amazon fire TV, Chromecast & more. Their technology completely supports subscription video networks, Ad-supported content or to sell films or anything.

4. Uscreen - Distribute Content Anywhere With OTT Apps


Uscreen, one of the prominent OTT apps providers in the market for distributors, content creators to launch their own streaming app for mobile and TVs. Their platform is accessible from any device and Smart TVs such as Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and more. It’s an SaaS based OTT platform to distribute OTT content across TVs and generate revenue through multiple monetization models.

5. Muvi - Take Your OTT Content Everywhere


Muvi, SaaS platform helps content creators to launch fully featured OTT apps for multiple devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and more. Their platform is completely 100% Native Code that is compiled to run on both iOS and Android. It comes with significant features like Offline Viewing, Analyticals to take the OTT TV business to next-level. Muvi provides monetization models such as AVOD, PPV, SVOD and more to generate revenue with your OTT content.

6. Daffodil - Comprehensive OTT App Development


Daffodil provides an omnichannel OTT app development experience to content creators and distributors. Their service helps to validate your OTT TV apps with different frame workshops before developing it. Daffodil’s OTT app development services support multiple Smart TVs like Fire TV app development, Apple TV, Roku TV App development and more.

7. TOTHENEW - Smart TV App Development


ToTheNew is a new age Smart TV application development that helps to increase viewership, reach and leverage your brand and do more. They offer various stages of development right from designing, development, testing and maintenance. Their platform supports devices like Apple TV, Android TV, Smart TV, Roku TV and more. ToTheNew supports multiple use cases like e-Commerce, e-Learning. Live streaming and more.

8. - Build Different Kinds of OTT Apps

Builder provides platforms to build next-generation OTT platforms for smartphones, Smart TV apps to stream movies, series and much more content. Their builder studio helps content distributors and creators to build OTT TV apps that support Android TV, Apple TV and more. Their platform comes with enriched features like search box, Watch Offline, Multilingual, USer profile, Category list and more.

9. Maz Systems - World-class Video Apps

Maz Systems

Maz system helps to build beautiful OTT streaming for every major platform.Maz is a SaaS platform built for content creators to develop, deploy and distribute content that supports Apple TV, Roku TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and more. Their platform comes with monetization models such as Advertisement, Pay-per-view and paywall subscriptions. Their business tool helps to integrate analytics, Google Ad manager, Sponsorship and more to leverage your OTT TV business for a better revenue.

Wrapping Up

The Global OTT TV streaming market is growing vigorously like anything where the market of Smart TV manufacturing is increasing every year. Moreover the growth of the market, its essential to stay ahead in the market to acquire users and generate revenue in this competitive OTT market. This is the right time for content creators and distributors to build their own OTT TV app with help of OTT TV app builders. Choosing the right solution provider by comparing the features, monetization models, and functionalities is the ideal strategy to build your OTT TV app and succeed in the OTT business.

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