Unit Testing In Flutter

Unit Testing In Flutter

Unit tests are handy for verifying the behavior of a single function, method, or class. The test package provides the core framework for writing unit tests, and the flutter_test package provides additional utilities for testing widgets.

Hello everyone, I am back with another interesting topic-** Unit Testing in Flutter**

So today, I will talk about, unit testing in flutter and give you some examples that you would be able to implement in your apps to test them for better performance in every aspect.

First focus on why testing in flutter is much, much better than testing on IOS or Android native code,

Well for once if you have any experience with UI Automator or Espresso, you might’ve noticed how much time taking they are, They are quite slow and prone to break easily, In-fact many times you would end up searching in your code for what did you mess up while it might just not be your fault,

Not only they are more expensive to run but there is also flakiness in it.

OK, so now let me tell you why flutter’s testing is amazing

(every time I think I cannot fall in love with flutter anymore, It just proves me wrong)

So, Unit Testing, are the type of tests are usually conducted to test a particular method or a class under variety of cases. These tests do not require inputs and don’t have anything to do with rendering anything to screen or even reading/ writing from the disk. These are the simplest tests to perform .

So to perform these we use test statements something like

test(‘i m testing this feature’) and then you write your code and after that write the expect statement which is basically what you “expect” the code to do.

(the best example I can think of for this is like imagine if you are making a D&D game and well you have a function that generates a random number and according to that number reads out a scenario)

Alright, so now we have studied about Unit Testing lets see how is it done.

So first we move over to _**_test**_ directory in our project_

After that we need to import the package

import 'package:flutter_test/flutter_test.dart';

So When you are done importing the flutter test package you need to create void main() and then follow as i do :

void main() {

  test('title for your test', (){
    // your function body
    int a;
    int b =5;
    int c = 5;
    a =b + c;
    expect(a, 10);

So, what we have here is a simple test, earlier I told about how tests are created now we are going to have a detailed look at it and see what is it doing.

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