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Zara Bryant


Managed Endpoints

On this episode from our #MSBuild recap, Sethu Raman is here to highlight how Managed Endpoints ( provides out of box capabilities to operationalize models. Sethu will demo how to deploy and score a GPU model: highlighting dev experience with CLI & local deployment and how to perform safe rollout: highlighting metrics, log analytics integration.

Jump to:

  • 00:00 AI Show begins
  • 00:16 Seth welcomes Sethu
  • 00:38 How Managed Online Endpoints supports Azure Machine Learning
  • 02:20 Intro to Endpoint concepts and deployments
  • 03:16 Demo 1- Deploy and score a GPU model
  • 07:40 Demo 2 - Perform safe rollout
  • 11:11 Deployment slots with different models

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Managed Endpoints