Join Hacktoberfest at the Xamarin Community Toolkit

Join Hacktoberfest at the Xamarin Community Toolkit

Code for cotton or from your love for Xamarin in this year's Hacktoberfest! Get the guidelines, tag your pull requests, and get rewarded!

You may have heard about the Xamarin Community Toolkit by now. This toolkit will be an important part of the Xamarin.Forms ecosystem during the evolution to .NET 6. Now is the time to contribute since it is “Hacktoberfest” after all!

What is the Xamarin Community Toolkit?

Since Xamarin.Forms 5 will be the last major version of Forms before .NET 6, we wanted to have an intermediate library that can still add value for Forms in the meanwhile. However, why stop there? There is also a lot of converters, behaviors, effects, etc. that everyone is continually rewriting. To help avoid this, we consolidated all of those into the Xamarin Community Toolkit.

This toolkit already has a lot of traction and support from our wonderful community, but there is always room for more! Lucky for us, that time of year which makes contributing extra special is upon us again.

Hacktoberfest 2020

For Hacktoberfest we welcome you all to join us and plant that tree (new reward by Hacktoberfest!) or earn that t-shirt while giving some of your valuable time to our library. On top of that, we will offer some swag whenever you decide to contribute. When you do, we will reach out to you near the end of October and if your PRs are eligible to make sure we get your details. That means: no need to do anything special, just crush that code!

HacktoberFest Xamarin Community Toolkit Flyer

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