Top 11 AngularJS Tools You Need To Know In 2021 - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

Top 11 AngularJS Tools You Need To Know In 2021 - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

Know the top 10 angularjs tools for app development. Which one to choose? Features and benefits of angularjs development tools.

AngularJS is the most preferred framework for web developers to design a web app dynamically. It allows you to use HTML as a template language and spread HTML’s syntax to clearly show app components. Developers always search for the best ways to work fast and deliver the project within estimated time. Here comes the AngularJS tools in focus to increase your speed and also improve quality code. Hence we came with the best tools for app developers. Whether you are an angular developer or thinking of using Angular for your next project, knowing these Angularjs tools will help you to develop and deliver the best angular app. Let us see which are those tools.

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Top 11 AngularJS Tools-

1. Webstorm- This tool comes with a smart Angular online editor that provides a great support for Javascript, Node.js, HTML and CSS and also for all their modern successors. It works fine with the latest technologies and hence is loved by the developers community.


  • Great customization features to match your coding style.
  • Intelligent ide
  • Git support
  • Coding assistance for various Java Script languages, CSS, HTML, and Node.Js
  • Highly efficient debugging, testing, tracing, and profiling features
  • Can run ESLint, JSCS, TSLint, Stylelint, JSHint or JSLint also


  • In-built spell checker to avoid silly mistakes
  • Facilitates cohesive work without need for scrolling
  • Intelligent code completion support with both word expansion and structural completion

2. Karma-

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