Basic Four Components of JMeter

Basic Four Components of JMeter

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                            **Basic Four Components of JMETER**

Introduction JMeter is pure java open-source testing software. This tool is used for executing performance testing and evaluating the system performance under different loads. Jmeter tool is easy to use and can be installed for free of cost. It can work with many types of test categories like functional, load, regression, performance. Jmeter software is fitted with JDK 5 or the higher versions of JDK. Practicing Jmeter will make an application robust and reliable. JMeter Certification is an integrated professional course and It provides technical skills and knowledge of JMeter to the learners.

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Test plan: A test plan is a feature in the Jmeter tool where all the frames for executing a test are mentioned. It describes the series of steps Jmeter has to execute when tests are run. A test plan consists of Configuration Elements, Timers, Thread Group, Listener, Assertion. This tool offers customization as it can be done depending upon the user's requirement. It is not compulsory to save a test plan before running a javascript. Because JMeter software will remind the user to save the test plan while executing the script. Saving a test plan before running the script is good practice.

Workbench: The WorkBench provides a place to store test elements for a short period. JMeter testing tool will not save the contents of the WorkBench. It saves the contents of the Test plan branch. This is like a working area. Following Items are present in the workbench:

  • HTTP Proxy Server
  • Config Element
  • Property Display
  • Logic Controller
  • HTTP Mirror Server
  • Assertions & Listener etc HTTP Proxy Server receives the requests sent from the web browser to the server. It automatically generates HTTP Request samplers for each request sent to the server.

3.Thread Groups Thread group elements are the starting points of any test plan. Every controller and samplers in JMeter must be under a thread group. The thread group element handles the number of threads JMeter uses to execute your test. The controls for a thread group enter you to:

  • Set plenty of times to execute the test
  • Set the ramp-up period
  • Set the number of threads

4.Sampler Sampler is used for passing a specific type of request to the server. It gives a user request for a page from the target server. JMeter Samplers includes: Java object request LDAP Request HTTP Request TCP request Every sampler has various properties you can set. You can additionally customize a sampler by adding one or more Configuration Elements to the Test Plan.

These are the basic components used in the JMeter software testing tool. JMeter Training in Chennai will assist you with real-time exposure to the learners who want to get knowledge in JMeter.

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