Build a Developer's Linux Workstation - Complete Guide

Build a Developer's Linux Workstation - Complete Guide

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Today we will be doing a complete build of a Linux Workstation for developers. We will start with a “barebones” computer system, then we’ll install Linux and more than 15 different software applications.

In order to simplify things you can download a free ZIP file that contains the following:

  • A PDF version of the article.
  • A “Cheat Sheet”. A simple text file with every Linux command you will need to install the software

Get the “Cheat Sheet” ZIP file at

00:00​ - Introduction 07:18​ - Workstation Requirements 13:10​ - Building the Workstation (Intel NUC assembly) 21:06​ - Installing Ubuntu Linux 20.04 25:00​ - First Boot 27:28​ - Format Work Drive 30:18​ - Gedit and Terminal on Dock 32:13​ - Nemo 34:21​ - XKill Hotkey 36:28​ - Turn off Caps Lock 39:13​ - Install ChaseApp 44:03​ - Install Arduino IDE & set USB permissions 52:02​ - Install Visual Studio Code & PlatformIO 54:54​ - Install PyCharm 57:04​ - Install Geany 58:42​ - Install Meld 1:01:01​ - Install Balena Etcher 1:03:15​ - GIT File Management (GitG & GitCola) 1:07:19​ - Install FileZilla 1:09:05​ - Install XTerm 1:11:09​ - Install Angry IP Scanner 1:14:20​ - Install KiCad 1:16:35​ - Install EasyEDA 1:20:19​ - Install VLC 1:21:12​ - Install Shutter 1:23:32​ - Install Peek


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