Secondary Index Migration in YugabyteDB

Secondary Index Migration in YugabyteDB

Although currently there is no way to alter a secondary index, we can make the transition between new index needs and the original without having to take downtime. YugabyteDB makes migrating secondary indexes easy and seamless with the above example.

YugabyteDB has a great feature in strongly consistent secondary indexes. I have been asked a few times now about how to modify existing indexes. These can range from adding another column to the index or adding another column to the INCLUDE clause. The big question at the end of the day is: how to do this without having to take downtime on the indexes? In this blog post,  using the Yugabyte CQL API we will look at how to switch a live running application from using one index to another without a performance hit during the transition, and without the need for an application restart or for re-preparing prepared statements. The main issue Currently there is no way to modify a secondary index. In order to change the columns that are included you will need to drop and re-create the index with the columns that need to be included.

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