Top Free Excel Resources For Data Scientists

Top Free Excel Resources For Data Scientists

The courses mentioned below are suitable for those who want to take up Data Analysis or Data Science as a profession.

The ability to analyse a large amount of data accurately and quickly has become paramount for modern organisations. Excel is a powerful computation tool for working with silos of data. The courses mentioned below are suitable for those who want to take up Data Analysis or Data Science as a profession.

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Why Data Scientists Should Follow Software Development Standards

As the organisations have started to recognise the value of data, the need for data scientists has seen an exponential rise since then. Unlike traditional methods, crucial decisions among organisations are now mostly data-driven. However, at the present era, while researching on the grounds of machine learning and data science has become a go-to thing…

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With data science emerging as a popular career choice in the 21st century, the hiring market in the space has become increasingly competitive. A cursory search on popular job portals will tell you that there is a large pool of existing and aspiring data scientists in India alone. This may indicate that the supply of…

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Reasons, Why There Is A Shortage Of Data Scientists In The Industry

It’s been established by many experts that data scientist is currently the most in-demand profession in the industry. As the industry is maturing with new-age technologies and solutions, the demand for data science skills will be on the rise. Businesses, despite their sizes, are looking at leveraging data to drive efficiencies, and therefore, companies are…