An HTML Injection Worth 600$ Dollars

An HTML Injection Worth 600$ Dollars

When not letting go, and fighting for your rights, payback..

The Death Eaters

If you are a Harry Potter fan, just like my girlfriend is, you already know who these people are. Some of you might know them by their most common name — triagers.


is the assessment of a security event to determine if there is a security incident, its priority, and the need for escalation. As it relates to potential malware incidents the purpose of triaging may vary

After a while of doing Bug Bounty, you will quickly learn to be careful when answering questions to triagers. In most cases finding a bug is not the hardest part, but getting it accepted. Sure, it all depends on the kind of vulnerability itself, but if your finding is eligible for an “I don’t think this is not a real bug” ticket, trust me, you will get it.

This frustrating ingredient within Bug Bounty is always in the hands of the same people, a very selective group of triagers. If you don’t give them the right “talk”, your report will and may be closed as N/A. These triagers careless about asking companies if they find your findings valuable or not.

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