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It is the initial half of 2021, and everybody is foreseeing trends in their fields. There has been a significant boom in the E-commerce industry following the COVID-19 pandemic. An increasing number of companies are transferring their business models to virtual markets. In fact, at present, it has become quite difficult to choose the appropriate framework in this rapidly developing software market.

You will come across as many as six top-quality Node.js frameworks well-known for their simplified and lightweight development process. Let’s talk about each one of them in brief.

  1. Express.js

Express.js happens to be amongst the leading web app frameworks of Node.js. It is extremely flexible and lightweight that provides powerful features for mobile and web app development. This framework offers a layer of basic web app features without complicating the features of Node.js. You will come across lots of well-known frameworks based on Express.js.

  1. Meteor.js

Meteor.js happens to be an open-source platform utilized by numerous developers for developing mobile and web apps. It is popular amongst developers for creating efficient, simple, and scalable JavaScript apps. The industry giants took more than 20 years to bring it to perfection. Meteor is an established open-source framework that enables you to create and scale effectively to serve numerous users out there.

  1. Koa.js

Koa.js middleware stack will flow in a stack-like style, enabling a developer to execute actions downstream and then filter and control the response upstream. Koa is an innovative web framework created by the team responsible for making Express. It aims to be an expressive, smaller, and more powerful foundation for APIs and web applications. Koa enables developers to increase error handling to a great extent and ditch callbacks by using async functions. This framework is not known to bundle any type of middleware within it and offers an elegant set of procedures that help to make writing servers enjoyable and fast.

  1. Sails.js

Sails.js happens to be amongst the most reputed MVC frameworks for Node.js. Although this framework has been designed to match the typical MVC pattern of Ruby on Rails, it requires support for contemporary apps’ requirements. It is known to offer features such as data-driven APIs along with a service-oriented and scalable architecture.

  1. Hapi.js

Hapi.js is considered to be an open-source framework for desktop and web apps. It is usually used for building web services like websites, JSON API, and HTTP proxy apps. The mobile team created the framework at Walmart Labs. Mr. Eran Hammer, responsible for creating OAuth, happens to be the brain behind this particular technology. He designed it for handling their traffic for Black Friday events. The original Hapi versions used the Express framework.

  1. NestJS

NestJS happens to be an open-source, versatile, extensible, and progressive Node.js framework intended for developing demanding and compelling backend systems. Presently, it is the fastest developing Node.js framework in TypeScript. Developers make use of NestJS for writing testable, scalable, and loosely coupled apps. It helps to bring scalable Node.js servers to an entirely new level.


The popularity of Node.js framework is gaining plenty of attention at present, and this is because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Quite a few large businesses have invested in nodeJS and have shown their faith.

Although it is not difficult to learn, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. It nevertheless demands expertise and that you will be able to avail yourself from one of the well-known node JS development organizations having professionals with many years of experience.

Furthermore, you can hire NodeJS developers on either a full-time or part-time basis after comprehending the project’s needs.

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