Cisco Data Intelligence Platform — Journey to hybrid cloud for your data

Very first data cloud — Evolution of data lake to hybrid cloud

Today, in this digitized world, data is being generated at a very high rate and from many different sources, and it is growing exponentially in many use cases. As a result, several peta bytes of data is just becoming norm. Further, it is also generated in various form whether structured, semi-structured or unstructured… and variety of data is also expanding beyond just simple text such as images, videos, voice, and so on to extract intelligence.

This massive amount of data is being ingested in on-premise or public cloud data lake. It is quite evident that IT leaders are challenged in finding ways, how to maximize the ROI of their data lake, how to unlock the power of their data to its full potential, and which should also be fully aligned with the business outcomes. Further, how to modernize apps, adopt cloud-native architecture, create micro-services with Kubernetes, and utilize advanced analytics using AI/ML frameworks. Amid those challenges, siloed monolithic apps and data are further slowing down the pace of innovation and limiting their transformation journey towards modern digitization.

Given all of that, industry is looking for hybrid solutions for their data lakes that provides unified user experiences with common identity, single API framework that stretches from private cloud to public cloud, auto-scales when app demand grows, implement tighter control over sensitive data with data governance and compliance all across the board, and implement common data serving layer for data analytics, business intelligence, AI inferencing, and so on.

Traditionally, hybrid cloud was viewed as connecting two data centers (public and private). However, modern hybrid cloud is all about digital transformation of apps and data. Apps have transformed into whole new thinking of IT. Previously apps were supporting business functions, now “Apps are the business!”. It’s about gaining agility, flexibility, and reliability with Hybrid Cloud by utilizing advanced analytics, AI, Kubernetes, and micro-services…. It is about massive scale, flexible consumption, optimized security, performance, availability, and granular control.

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Cisco Data Intelligence Platform — Journey to hybrid cloud for your data