NG-SQ-UI Simple quality UI kit

NG-SQ-UI Simple quality UI kit

SQ-UI - Where Simple Quality code resides!

SQ-UI - Where Simple Quality code resides!

Calling all Angular developers! We are very thrilled to present to you a brand-new UI-kit for Angular: ng-sq-ui! Its initial version contains the most commonly used components. Check it out: live examples.

If you’d like to fiddle around with what the UI-kit offers, feel free to clone our repo! Its main app contains an actual code preview of how it can be used.

The idea behind ng-sq-ui is to be “for developers by developers” - meaning that the upcoming features will be requested by you! We anticipate your feature requests (aaand bug reports :) ) in!

Stay tuned for more and star the repo if you like!

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