Animated Calendar UI Design

Animated Calendar UI Design

Calendar UI Design with Dark Mode and Animation Using HTML CSS JavaScript

An elegant, animated, light (or dark) calendar UI design implemented in plain HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

How to use it:

  1. Add the app.css to the top of the page.
<link rel="stylesheet" href="app.css" />
  1. Add the class="light" to the body tag.
<body class="light">
  1. Create the HTML for the calendar.
<div class="calendar">
  <div class="calendar-header">
    <div class="year-picker">
      <span class="year-change" id="prev-year">
      <span class="year-change" id="next-year">
  <div class="calendar-body">
    <div class="calendar-week-day">
    <div class="calendar-days"></div>
  <div class="calendar-footer">
    <div class="toggle">
      <span>Dark Mode</span>
      <div class="dark-mode-switch">
        <div class="dark-mode-switch-ident"></div>
  <div class="month-list"></div>

Download Details:

Author: trananhtuat

Source Code:

javascript css

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