Benefits From Investing in Fleet Management Software

Benefits From Investing in Fleet Management Software

As the technology rapidly accelerates ,the current levels of automation may be obsolete and need to be refreshed.

The larger the fleet, the greater the time and financial costs of maintaining and managing it. Can all this be automated? Let's look at the advantages of using fleet management software.

The process of fleet automation is unstoppable. It is driven by carrier competition, government legislative initiatives, and technological advances.

The level of fleet automation today

In recent years, there has been a clear positive trend in the automation of the transport industry. Here you need to understand that private companies mostly perform trucking in the country. The level of automation is increasing since competition between representatives of private businesses is intensifying. Logistics and supply chain management are playing an increasingly important role in improving business efficiency. Today, logistics affects the company's development strategy, the development and implementation of management solutions, and the choice and integration of IT technologies.

Of course, a young specialist who comes to the starting position can not immediately feel the importance of logistics in business. But they will see how interesting and promising the chosen direction is. However, a college graduate with a different specialty can also start a career in logistics. Many HR services of logistics centers organize training for those who come to starting positions without experience. You can also take a logistics course while studying without losing academic success in сollege.

First of all fleet automation is connected with the implementation of GPS/GLONASS systems. They allow to solve the following important tasks:

  • plan routes and optimize them;
  • make sure that traffic schedules are followed;
  • track cars in real-time;
  • monitor fuel consumption;
  • inform customers about the location of the cargo and so on.

Separately, issues of remote interaction with drivers, tracking their actions, and ensuring safety are being addressed. The direction on the development of mobile apps to order transport is gaining popularity. This is also part of automation because algorithms and user actions replace the work of dispatchers.

Various IT solutions are popular with large carriers. They help manage transportation and freight forwarding services. With their help, it is possible to work with orders fulfilled by own and attracted vehicles. It is possible to account for multimodal transportations and other necessary functions to manage one's own fleet.

Small carriers install mobile applications. However, all these solutions automate only part of the processes. This means that transport companies need to retain a staff of logisticians. There is no reason to talk about gaining significant competitive advantages. Yet, more modern software solutions are emerging that automate a much greater number of processes. They provide plans and forecasts, issue tasks, and record all the stages of their implementation. Like the way real crypto traders have been replaced by crypto trading bots, the number of logistics workers has changed. There is already a noticeable relief of employees, and the number of full-time logisticians can be reduced.

Such a system distributes tasks in automatic mode, keeps track of all vehicles, warns of abnormal situations on the track, and provides a detailed analysis of the entire fleet. The advantage of free fleet maintenance software over box products is that they no longer need to be configured and trained. That is, the integration into the processes of the transport company is very fast. Automation systems do not only save money by reducing the staff of logisticians. They provide a higher quality of service and allow for faster processing of incoming orders. This is very important for customer retention in such a competitive market.

Risks of companies that don't spend on fleet management automation

There are several major risks. First, operations become inefficient. If competitors reduce costs by reducing staff, they have more money to develop. Secondly, the quality of service inevitably falls if we are talking about companies with more than 10 vehicles. One competent logistician can service up to a dozen trucks. For a larger fleet, it is necessary to hire new employees or to introduce automation tools.

Without investments in automatic systems, the gap with competitors will grow. To stay in the market, you still have to liquidate it. And it is better to do this gradually than to find large sums for re-equipment at once.

The role of 5G technologies in fleet management

The widespread introduction of 5G networks is a prerequisite for the transition to unmanned transport. For a driverless car to move boldly in the general flow and react quickly to changing conditions, it needs a powerful data transmission channel. It is provided by 5G networks. When they cover large areas, we can no longer talk about automation, but about the robotization of logistics. Automated trucks will be able to take to the roads, be loaded in robotic warehouses, and a smart cargo tracking system will take over control.

According to expert estimates, you can cut logistics costs in half in the scenario described above. The productivity of transport will increase, it will be able to work without downtime and rest. At the same time, there will be no need to pay salaries to drivers. Now the trucks are idle two-thirds of the time because the drivers need to rest. Special devices in the cabs monitor their work regime. The robot-controlled vehicles will be able to drive on the roads for about 20 hours a day.

Whether you own and manage a fleet of 2 or 200 vehicles, fleet management software allows you to do more in less time. This can save time, money, and many working hours if done correctly.

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