Getting MongoDB Database And Collection Names From The Connection String

Getting MongoDB Database And Collection Names From The Connection String

Ben Nadel looks at how to extract MongoDB database and collection names from an ENV-based connection string such that the document database can be consumed more opaquely in Lucee CFML

At InVision, I'm working with Boaz Ruck on a little experiment: whereas our ColdFusion application would normally construct a MongoDB connection using a variety of individual values, the Data Services team would like to try providing the entire MongoDB connection configuration as a single environment variable. This way, the Data Service team could tweak the settings without having to touch the application code. This posed an interesting problem because the ColdFusion application is generally tightly coupled to the MongoDB implementation. As such, I needed to figure out how to access a MongoDB Collection using the Java driver without being able to hard-code the database name or the collection name. After some trial-and-error, I figured out how to extract this information from the ConnectionString object in Lucee CFML

So, normally, when creating and consuming a MongoDB document collection, my ColdFusion code will "hard code" the name of the database and the name of the collection:

mongoClient.getDatabase( "bennadel" ).getCollection( "friends" )

ASIDE: In some cases, the name of the MongoDB database is passed-in as a separate environment variable. It depends on how old the code is; newer code tends to be a bit less hard-coded.

However, the Data Services team would like to try passing all of that information in as a single environment variable:


In the ColdFusion code, however, I still have to make a .getDatabase(name) call followed by a .getCollection(name) call before I can start reading and writing MongoDB documents. Which means, my code still has to reference a database name and a collection name. It doesn't appear that I can get this information from the MongoClient client; but, if I construct a ConnectionString class from the environment variable, I can then extract the database and collection names from the connection string. This would allow me to consume then in an opaque manner in my Lucee CFML


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