Getting Started With Jakarta EE 9: Hello World

Getting Started With Jakarta EE 9: Hello World

Learn how to get started with Jakarta EE 9 brings to enterprise Java development with this simple hello world project. It's a pity if you miss this great article.

See what Jakarta brings to the table.


The release of Jakarta EE 9, at the end of 2020, was in many ways a historic event. The Java Enterprise framework is already 20 years old, having its first release in 1999. It has changed names a few times but the main concepts of the first release can still be found in this new release. During all those years, it has adapted itself to keep it up to date but has always adhered to its main principle of stability and backward compatibility.

Regarding backward compatibility, this release was also historic as the namespaces changed (like package names that changed from 'javax' to 'jakarta'). The change is straightforward, no other changes are introduced between Jakarta EE 8 and EE 9. This to make the migration as easy as possible.

Since older technologies are removed like support for CORBA and other specifications will not evolve anymore like SOAP, another major step is taken into the modernisation of this platform. You can see Jakarta EE 9 as the rebirth of Java Enterprise having their experience of 20 years of successful support for Enterprise applications.

Since Payara is dedicated to Jakarta, we've started 'Getting Started with Jakarta EE 9' a blog and video series to introduce those who are not familiar with the platform to the basics of Jakarta EE 9. And as you all probably know, the classic 'Hello World' example must start this series!

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