Program a Quantum Computer Today

Program a Quantum Computer Today

Your options on how to start with working with today’s quantum computers. Quantum computing is one of the most rapidly advancing technologies.

Quantum computing is one of the most rapidly advancing technologies. Many companies and research labs are racing to deliver functional quantum hardware to the market as soon as they can. It is one of those fields where every little bit of progress is a significant advancement.

At the moment, there’s no perfect quantum computer that is capable of running promising algorithms, such as Shor’s and Grover’s algorithms. However, current quantum machines are advancing rapidly. IBM speculates that during the next decade, quantum computers will offer an undeniable advantage by solving many problems that are unsolvable on a classical computer.

In 2019, IBM proposed a metric to measure how capable and efficient a quantum computer is (on the hardware side), and they called it Quantum Volume (QV). QV is a number calculated based on different factors, such as the number of qubits in the computer, their connectivity, and the measurement error probability. For us to run real-life-sized algorithms on real hardware, we need a large QV. For reference, the highest QV device owned by IBM at the moment is 32.

On the software side, some researchers predict that the market need for quantum programmers will grow exponentially over the next decade. Companies such as Google, IBM, and Microsoft are putting in considerable effort and a massive amount of funds to train the next generation of quantum researchers/ programmers.

To program a quantum computer, you don’t need an advanced degree in physics or maths. In my opinion, you just need a good imagination.

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