Good Code Podcast: Episode 1

Good Code Podcast: Episode 1

In this episode, we talk to Shabda Raaj (@shabda) about the nuances of API design and the things to keep in mind when starting to build a new API from scratch.

Helping developers ship good code is our primary mission at DeepSource. A major part of that includes making distilled insights from the most experienced developers easily accessible to the community.

It is our pleasure to announce a monthly podcast, Good Code Podcast, aimed at doing just that — talking to the best minds about how they write good code. In every episode, you’ll get to hear opinionated views, on a specific topic, from experienced developers and engineering leaders who’ve shipped good code over and over again.

Episode #1: On API design with Shabda

In this episode, we talk to Shabda Raaj (@shabda) about the nuances of API design and how to think about things like URLs, implicitness vs. explicitness, and security when starting to build a new API from scratch. We also explore the differences in approach between REST and GraphQL API design, contrasting the choices one has to make for either of them.

Shabda is founder of Agiliq, a web and mobile application design consulting firm. In the past 10 years, Shabda has led his team to build applications and APIs for some of the world’s largest organizations.

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