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Magento Extensions To Improve Your Ecommerce Store Profits

Magento is one of the leading open-source platforms that has made tremendous strides in progress in recent years. If you are a Magento user, you will probably be aware that the default Magento setup doesn’t offer any extensions for online stores. This is normal – Magento is a platform, not the ‘entire’ solution for every business.

Why do you need a Magento extension? The answer is simple. You need magento extension to save your additional development costs and time to build a new module. There are Magento extensions available, you can use to extend the functionality of your ecommerce store. Using Magento extensions will not only speed up your work but also enhance the efficiency of the website’s back end.
Here is the list of Top Magento Extensions:

  • Magento 2 Instagram Connect
  • AdRoll
  • Zoho CRM
  • MageWorx SEO Suite Ultimate

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Why Choose Solwin Infotech For Your Magento E-Commerce Store?

This is image titleWondering what Magento services are and why you should avail of the service to start your Magento e-commerce store? Read more to create a strong brand presence using our Magento e-commerce services.

With the development of technology, successful e-commerce businesses and companies are constantly evolving, embracing new technologies and progress. Magento has been one of the most popular choices among developers, business owners, and digital marketers due to its incredible capabilities and features that it provides. Magento is currently one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms. Magento’s success is due to its flexibility, scalability, and security.

Unlike the other platforms, Magento permits you to customize your e-commerce website as per your requirements and needs. Magento eCommerce website creation has grown in popularity because of its great features, unique functionality, incredible capabilities, and a broad choice of built-in themes. If you are further wondering about the other benefits of the Magento ECommerce Development, you can conduct online research to understand its popularity and need.

Magento 2 store is a customized and technologically advanced online store that is best suitable for your e-commerce Magento store. You need to follow a detailed, comprehensive guide to creating a Magento 2 Store.

Need Of Magento For Your E-Commerce Store

Ever thought of hiring a Magento developer to start your Magento e-commerce Store?

Magento-based business speeds up the process, helps you become a market leader in your chosen field, and provides you with Magento developers who can work with you to provide you with the best Magento eCommerce store. You may benefit from the skills and experience of many Magento developers and e-commerce strategists when you hire a Magento development business.

Magento services assist all the technical barriers that may arise in ongoing business development while changing requirements.

7 Reasons To Choose Us For Your Magento E-Commerce Store

1. Extensive Range Of Services

Solwin Infotech has worked with a variety of e-commerce brands, companies, and businesses, both large and small, for years and has years of experience in providing Magento services. We are conscientious and sincere in our work and strive to resolve e-commerce issues that affect businesses.

We have mastered the work of establishing e-commerce stores from the start alongside building custom Magento extensions and solving any problem with our extensive knowledge and experience serving various industries and sectors.

At Solwin, we provide an extensive range of services for your Magento e-commerce store. We understand your needs and thrive to provide the best services to fulfill all your demands that arise in creating your Magento store.

2. Digital Marketing Success
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A new online business or an e-commerce business would require assistance and help to succeed with its e-commerce store. The primary step is that the search engine rankings should be the best that would help you grow and attract more users who would visit again and again. This also attracts potential customers who are in search of services.

Magento has excellent built-in marketing options to ensure that your store is SEO-friendly and ranks at the top of the SERPs. The services provided by us follow strategies like SEO-friendly URL structure, positioning layers, rewrites, sitemaps, meta tags, and keyword suggestions.

3. High Scalability

A successful Magento site requires high scalability, flexible design, and systemic strategy. We at Solwin Infotech can ensure that your Magento site doesn’t crash in the middle of a traffic rush.

Our Managed Magento services allow you to grow your business globally while maintaining critical uptime and compliance. Whilst you can plan for traffic spikes and build your business intelligently with auto-scaling.

4. Team Of Experienced Skilled Professionals At Your Service
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We at Solwin Infotech hire trained and skilled professionals who are well experienced in working with Magento and can work efficiently implementing all the skills into designing and providing the best services. Our team consists of skilled creative designers, web developers, programmers, Internet marketing experts, and project managers specializing in work experience and a diverse range of skills. A professional Magento development team’s talent would aid in utilizing the platform’s extensive features and delivering a flawless solution, allowing you to work successfully through all phases, including planning, creating, and executing.

5. Flexible And Cater To Specific Needs

The most significant benefit of using Magento is the extensive customization options it provides. This is the most likely cause for customers to shift to Magento from other e-commerce platforms. Your Magento e-commerce store can be customized to meet the demands of your company and customers.

If the customers require readymade built websites, we can cater to the specific needs and provide readymade Magento templates for several niches. We can help you design responsive websites, customization tools, and a variety of free Magento 2 extensions. You can employ Magento developers to alter the themes or create a custom theme to meet your specific needs. On-demand of specialized features and custom design, our developers will assist in customizing the extensions. We also design entirely new extensions based on specifications and information provided.

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7 Steps to Speed up Your Magento 2

Hello Hackernoon Folks 👋,

Hope all are safe and going well with your Magento store. In the era of hustle and bustle, everything is available in a blink of an eye. Then why not your website? Read further to know How to Speed up Your Magento 2 Website.


Magento is one of the prominent platforms to develop any E-commerce website. Due to its flexibility, scalability, and security, it is favorite amongst E-commerce business owners. Magento is a powerful platform to handle a large amount of data. It offers a user-friendly store environment and amazing features to boost your store performance.

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Magento Development for Business Owners: 5 Questions to Ask

Building an ecommerce business with Magento is a challenge, but an exciting one. This sophisticated PHP-powered platform requires a deep web development expertise but, as ecommerce developers admit, this pays off with top-of-the-line results apart from having a modern, self-sufficient webstore. To lead a Magento project to success, business owners need to meticulously analyze their goals and match them with what Magento has to offer.

Which high-level concepts should business owners have in mind when mapping out their future Magento stores? Which key questions should they consider before giving the green light to their development teams? The article will dissect five core Magento capabilities and bring forth workable insights about online retail and web development.

1. What Look and Feel Do You Aim For?

An average visitor decides whether they like a website or not in mere seconds, and if not, in most cases they will leave immediately. That’s why web design choices are the most crucial for an ecommerce project owner to make.

In a nutshell, there are two alternatives: a ready-made theme or custom development, each with its benefits and weak points.

Since a pre-made theme requires installation and initial configuration only, this is a viable option for a time-constrained project. Working around a template is also budget-friendly, as you buy not only a web design but the continuous support and updates from the theme developers. Apart from this, a template package deal is a top choice for novices who haven’t yet learned the ropes of ecommerce and are unsure of what they want.

Custom design is a more demanding path to follow. It requires greater investments and considerable commitment from business owners. In return, though, they get unique webstores that precisely convey they brand messages.

Magento and Web Design

Magento is geared toward both templates and custom design, so regardless of the path you eventually choose to pursue, you will face little complications.

The official Magento marketplace and other services like ThemeForest, TemplateMonster, and Creative Market offer an extensive selection of themes for any taste, budget and Magento version. Today, it is perfectly possible to find a Magento theme that is packed with advanced features and hits the mark in terms of your brand style. However, be ready to pay a hefty price for it.

If no ready-made theme suffices, then it is wise to opt for custom Magento web design. This is indeed a more expensive option, with an average design freelancer rate ranging from $10 to $30 per hour at Upwork and even higher fees asked by Magento development agencies. In exchange, though, you get a highly original online store that is bound to make a statement.

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Top Magento Development Company in USA | Magento Ecommerce Website

One of the platforms that are considered most suitable for building an e-commerce store with the majority of the functions is Magento. Build an elegant and high-performing store with Magento to increase your business’s online presence.

Want to develop an online business platform on Magento?

Contact WebClues Infotech the most advanced E-commerce Web & App Development Agency that has served 500+ clients with its e-commerce solutions. With a Development team of 150+ developers, we are at the forefront in serving you with your app development needs.

Want to know more about how to move ahead with Magento Development?

Visit: https://www.webcluesinfotech.com/magento-development/

Share your requirements https://www.webcluesinfotech.com/contact-us/

View Portfolio https://www.webcluesinfotech.com/portfolio/

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Top 3 Impressive Magento 2 SEO Extensions for your eCommerce Website

Many of them said about the importance of SEO in the digital world. There are around 24 million e-commerce websites on the Internet, so how do merchants ensure that their store not only shows up but also ranks high on Google’s SERP? While all eCommerce website development company provide basic SEO parameters, you can do a lot more to improve the SEO of your website.

Magento 2 extension provider have deployed complete SEO packages, along with small extensions that offer only some SEO enhancement features., we’re going to talk about toolkits that provide you with end-to-end solutions, so you don’t have to look anywhere else once you’ve purchased one of these.

Before you start looking at the extensions, here is a checklist of the basic features you must look for:

Rich Snippets

Snippets appear on a SERP at search query is entered. It is important to modify these and add advanced information, so visitors are more likely to click on your store’s link whenever it appears on the search engine results page.

Page Analyzer

An SEO page analyzer will verify all your website pages from the backend itself, and tell you if there is anything more you can do to enhance SEO of this page.

Advanced tags

Tags like Hreflang, Canonical, open graph, no index, etc are important to better index your pages.

Optimization tools

Large e-shops with a volume of pages need some SEO tasks/rules which can be automated and applied to several pages at a time. This saves a lot of time and effort as well as ensures consistency throughout your store.

HTML/XML Sitemaps

Structured data enhances your customer flow and gets browny points when your site is indexed. XML/HTML site maps and advanced navigation are very important for an e-commerce store.

Meta tag and description templates

Magento 2 SEO extensions need to include SEO templates that can be applied to edit the meta title and description, as well as metadata on product and category pages.

BIGZIEL – Ultimate Magento 2 SEO Extension

BIGZIEL is the best eCommerce website development company and also provides extension comes with many promises. It has multiple advanced features that help you and well optimizing your eCommerce store search engines look great. It provides an entire SEO checklist to ensure that you have not miss anything on the SEO best practices.

Highlight Features

  • Automatic prevention of duplication of content. You can add a canonical link configuration to make sure your URL links are not duplicated to Google.
  • It adds improved rich extracts for your website’s search engine results URL. This means that along with the meta title and description, you can also choose to present Rating, Review, Price, Stock status, etc.
  • You can define metadata model rules for effortlessly configured and higher CTR.
  • You can use the label «Hreflang» which tells the search engines in which language the different pages are written. This will help you rank higher when visitors look into this language.
  • XML/HTML site maps and step-by-step navigation for a better user experience.

MageWorx’s - SEO Suite Extension for Magento 2

The MageWorx expansion is packaged with an array of powerful SEO features. If you have an excellent website with multiple pages to optimize, then Mageworx’s SEO suite is a great plugin to go for. Thanks to its mass optimization techniques, you can create SEO processes that can be applied to a large number of pages simultaneously. It will allow you to save and manage your time efficiently.

Highlight Features

  • Duplicate content rejected
  • Crawling and indexation
  • Internal link building
  • Metadata optimization
  • SEO reports
  • XML/HTML sitemap & SEO for layered navigation
  • Canonical and Hreflang tags

Mirasvit - Magento 2 SEO Suite Extension

Magento 2 SEO extension comes with basic features together with all the bells and whistles you need in a SEO extension to make your job easier. It comes with free 90-day support and a free lifetime upgrade. Key characteristics include:

Highlight Features

  • SEO toolbar
  • Rich snippets and open graph
  • Create SEO templates
  • Rewrites of SEO meta tags
  • Manage SEO settings of layered navigation, product & category pages
  • Automate meta tag management of your store
  • XML/HTML sitemap

Wrapping up

The creation and operation of a Magento 2 SEO marketplace takes a great deal of time and effort. Also, these are some of the best extension choices that you can select based on your desire.Find the correct Magento 2 Marketplace extension. You can also hire Magento 2 expansion development company for easy eCommerce set-up.

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