EleutherAI GPT-Neo an Open-source version of GPT-3

In this video, I’ll show you few shot learning example using GPT-Neo: The open-source solution for GPT-3. GPT‑Neo is the code name for a family of transformer-based language models loosely styled around the GPT architecture. The stated goal of the project is to replicate a GPT‑3 DaVinci-sized model and open-source it to the public, for free.

GPT‑Neo is an implementation of model & data-parallel GPT‑2 and GPT‑3-like models, utilizing Mesh Tensorflow for distributed support. The codebase is optimized for TPUs, but also work on GPUs. Interestingly, Leahy had earlier attempted to replicate GPT-2 through Google’s Tensorflow Research Cloud (TFRC) program, which worked out to their advantage while working on GPT-Neo.

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Link to the notebook : https://github.com/bhattbhavesh91/few-shot-learning-using-gpt-neo/blob/main/few-shot-learning-gpt-neo-notebook.ipynb

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EleutherAI GPT-Neo an Open-source version of GPT-3