Media Training Tutorial | Media Training Interview Protection Plan | Simpliv

Media Training Tutorial | Media Training Interview Protection Plan | Simpliv

A tremendous opportunity to not only prepare for your next interview, but also have it whetted by the globally known expert on media training. This is what this course offers you. Learn from T J Walker how to face your next interview and have him assess your preparation. The cost: $ 9!

Media Training: The Media Interview Protection Plan

Imagine having complete confidence in how well you are going to do in your upcoming news media interviews. You can come across your best and get the exact quotes you want in the final story, even with little time to prepare.

The Media Interview Protection Plan

In this "Media Interview Protection Plan" course you will learn how to be 100% prepared for your next media interview. Your message points, sound bites and visual appearance will be critiqued by TJ Walker, a world-renowned media trainer. By receiving independent feedback, you will be able to improve your message points, create great sound bites and deliver you answers with confidence. For when the stakes are high, you need a personalised media interview protection plan delivered by a true media training expert.

Why risk even one bad or average media interview? Sign up today for this course today.

There is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for this course. And the instructor also provides an enhanced guarantee.

Who is the target audience?

This course is for executives who are serious about getting their interview exactly right, including precise message points and sound bites in the final story Basic knowledge you will need to be willing and able to record yourself on video using a cell phone or webcam What will you learn Create messages for media interviews Answer reporters' questions Speak in sound bites Have confidence in being able to ace any media interview

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New to your media career? Don’t let the occasion overawe you! Learn to handle the media with panache. Media training expert T J Walker will teach you the right way of handling the media for the first time. From here, it will be a cakewalk for you to handle them comfortably!

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Interviewing is quite an art that takes understanding of the topic, deep insights, preparation, patience and persuasion. All these skills can be learnt. This course from Simpliv is taught by the world-renowned expert in media training, T J Walker., who has trained eminent persons.

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Two hours and $9 are all you need to face a reporter!