Virtual Reality in Luxury Industry

Virtual Reality in Luxury Industry

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How can virtual reality influence the luxury industry? There is a real interest in linking luxury and this innovative technology.

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When VR enters the luxury industry

How can virtual reality influence the luxury industry? Virtual reality has grown a lot in recent years. Thus, technologies related to virtual reality are more and more accessible to the majority of people and, consequently, to brands. And for them, there is a whole new world of creating new and interesting things through virtual reality. This is exactly the power of virtual reality, which will also shape the future of storytelling.

In addition to redefining this ability, it also allows us to clearly show feelings and lived experiences, which is extremely exciting for brands and people. So, what are the results of VR in the luxury industry?

A few big brands planned to drive people to the store and involve them in their vision. It is good to learn from their experiences. For example, Dior created Dior Eyes, with its own VR headset offering a fascinating encounter with the brand's fashion atmosphere. And that's exactly what most designers and fashion stores are willing to do to support this technology.

The Google Cardboard is another good example to share. Created by Rebecca Minkoff, this helmet gave fans a spot at her show. This is definitely a new level of engagement with people on a path never seen before.

Audi is one of the leading automakers to integrate VR into their business. It offers headphones with a premium Bang & Olufsen surround sound system and allows users to have a real driving experience in the model of their choice. Plus, customers can explore the customization of leather, inlays, and color, making every interaction even more complete.

The greatest possible power of virtual reality for luxury brands

Just because it can increase sales for people who are short on time, for example, which is very much related to high net worth clients. Potential customers can use VR to examine a collection, take a test drive, or tour the catwalk, all in minutes. In addition, the effect on the luxury tourism and real estate markets is also considerable. There are already virtual showrooms where customers can explore several different properties. And not to forget about huge possibilities for social media marketing.

For customers wishing to browse their favorite luxury store from the comfort of their yacht or living room, there will soon be brands offering virtual in-store experiences. This not only provides the ability to get through it but also to buy very quickly.

In the world of luxury, virtual reality seems to fit perfectly, and the number of luxury brands that are developing as trailblazers is growing rapidly.

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