ASP.NET File Manager and Cloud Storage | ComponentOne

ASP.NET File Manager and Cloud Storage | ComponentOne

GrapeCity’s ComponentOne Web API allows users to connect to different cloud storage services with a single API. This post details this functionality.

Cloud service providers, such as Google and DropBox, provide easy access via desktop, mobile, and browser applications. Cloud service providers also offer APIs that integrate cloud storage into custom applications. The ComponentOn Web API allows users connect to different cloud storage services with a single API.

Major cloud storage providers supported by C1 Web API include:

  • AWS
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • DropBox
  • Azure

You can take a look at our ASP.NET Web API Explorer demo here.

FileManager provides a convenient way to connect and interact with major cloud storage services. It uses the C1 Web API cloud services to connect to different cloud storage providers.

The user interface performs these basic file operations:

  • Display a list of files in cloud storage on a web application
  • Uploading/Downloading Files
  • Renaming Files/Folders

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