Docker Container Full Course - Docker Tutorial For Beginners

Docker Container Full Course - Docker Tutorial For Beginners

This Docker Container Full Course video will help you understand and learn containerization in detail. This Docker tutorial is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals who want to master the container concepts.

This Docker Container Full Course video will help you understand and learn containerization in detail. This Docker tutorial is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals who want to master the container concepts. Below are the topics covered in this Docker tutorial for beginners video:

1:33 Introduction to Docker 1:38 Problems before Docker 4:28 How Docker solves the problem? 5:48 What is Docker? 6:38 Docker in a Nutshell 8:03 Docker Examples 9:40 Docker Case Study Indiana University 13:00 Docker Registry 14:30 Docker Images & Containers 18:45 Docker Compose 19:05 Install & Setup Docker 19:10 Install Docker 22:15 Docker for Windows 22:25 Why use Docker for Windows? 25:30 Docker For Windows Demo 39:52 DokerFile & Commands 39:57 DockerFile Syntax 41:22 DockerFile Commands 48:52 Creating an Image to Install Apache Web Server 56:57 DockerFile for Installing Nginx 1:03:37 Docker Commands 1:03:42 Most Used Docker Commands 1:04:42 Basic Docker Commands 1:45:47 Advanced Docler Commands 1:58:02 Docker Compose & Swarm 1:58:07 Docker Compose 1:58:12 What is Docker Compose? 2:03:27 What is MEAN Stack Application? 2:04:12 Demo 2:21:02 Docker Swarm 2:21:07 What is Docker Swarm? 2:28:37 Demo 2:32:42 Docker Swarm Commands 3:03:47 Docker Networking 3:05:02 Goals of Docker Networking 3:06:42 Container Network Model 3:08:27 Container Network Model Objects 3:11:27 Network Drivers 3:11:42 Network Driver: Bridge 3:12:22 Network Driver: Host 3:13:02 Network Driver: None 3:13:17 Network Driver: Overlay 3:14:22 Network Driver: Macvlan 3:14:57 Docker Swarm 3:15:22 Docker Swarm Clusters 3:15:47 Docker Swarm: Managers & Clusters 3:16:32 Hands-On -1 3:19:02 Hands-On - 2 3:28:42 Dockerizing Applications 3:29:42 What is Angular? 3:32:42 What is DevOps? 3:33:12 DevOps Tools & Techniques 3:34:12 Deploying an Angular Applications 3:37:17 Demo 4:01:12 Docker Jenkins 4:02:17 What is Jenkins? 4:03:40 How Jenkins Works? 4:04:40 Containerisation vs Virtualization 4:07:50 Docker Use-case 4:08::50 what are Microservices? 4:10:35 What are Microservices? 4:11:05 Advantages of Microservice Architecture 4:12:15 VMs vs Docker Containers for Microservices 4:13:35 Use Case 4:23:50 Node.js Docker 4:24:00 Why Use Node.js with Docker? 4:24:40 Demo: Node.js with Docker 4:38:00 Docker vs VM 4:38:30 Virtual Machines 4:38:35 What is a Virtual Machine? 4:39:25 Benefits of Virtual Machines 4:39:45 Popular Virtual Machine Providers 4:40:00 Docker Containers 4:40:05 What is Docker Container? 4:41:30 Types of Containers 4:42:10 Benefits of Containers 4:42:55 Major Differences 4:46:30 Use-case 4:46:45 How PayPal uses Docker & VM? 4:50:45 Docker Swarm vs Kubernetes 4:53:25 Installation & Cluster Configuration 4:55:00 GUI 4:56:30 Scalability 4:57:00 Auto-scaling 4:58:20 Load Balancing 4:59:25 Rolling Updates & Rollbacks 5:01:35 Data Volumes 5:02:10 Logging & Monitoring 5:03:35 Demo 5:14:55 Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm Mindshare

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